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    I have three kids, two boys named Sawyer & August and a daughter named Isla. I'm looking for a name to go with theirs.

    My husband is Australian and we both grew up on the beach so we love the ocean, summer, being outdoors and want a name to reflect that.

    Sawyer was picked for Tom Sawyer, who represents (to us) being outside, floating down the river, fishing, . . .

    We picked Isla, because we got married on a beach on a beautiful Hawaiian island and just fell in love with the name the first time I heard it.

    August represents the summer and also because we met in August and got married in August too.

    Any suggestions without naming them Ocean or Violet? I don't like a lot of word names - August is obviously the exception. :)

    So far here is what I have come up with. But feel free to suggest more. Please!!!! This list is just our jumping off place.


    Bronte: A suburb of Sydney, Australia, where I met my husband when I was backpacking around Australia and New Zealand. Plus, I'm an English major and Sawyer is a literature name too. They prounounce it Bron-Tee over there, but we would pn it Bron-tae.

    Cora: Reminds us of Coral (i.e. Great Barrier (coral) reef in Australia).

    Malu: Isla made friends with a Malu when we went on vacation in Maui. She was the cutest thing.

    Ariel: Isla's pick b/c she's obsessed with The Little Mermaid. Actually, all things mermaid. :)

    Ciel: pn See-Elle. Means sky in French. Like it much better than Sky/Skye.


    Finn: We both love Finn, but since we already have a Sawyer, we're not sure if we can have a Finn too.

    Kai: Means ocean, but he likes it more than I do.

    Names we crossed out:

    River: Always think of River Phoenix, plus a word name.
    Maile (I like it except it is pn like Miley (Hannah Montana)
    Dylan (means from the sea, but too popular)
    Marina (word name, plus we live next to a Marina.)
    Sydney (too popular and don't love place names)
    Matilda (I love, but hubby's ex-girlfriend's name so definitely OUT!)

    Any suggestions? Thanks!


    Sorry so long!

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