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    Dilemma between a few names. Please help!

    My boyfriend and I have been tossing around a few names. At first we both loved Noah James (after his best friend) H__(2 syllables). But, I've been doing some more searching and have recently fallen in love with the name Clark. He isn't as certain. I think if I could get other people's opinions and maybe suggestions, I might convince him to see it my way. ; )

    I love either Clark William (after my grandfather) H__(2 syllables) or Clark Denver (after his grandfather) H__.

    I have also thought about maybe the middle name Jacob (after my brother). The only problem with picking a name is that I want the name to be recognizable but not very common. And also, somewhat classic. (I know, I'm terribly picky.) And with the name Clark I find it difficult to find a middle name that fits with the short first name and 2 syllable last name.

    Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated! :D

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    Re: Dilemma between a few names. Please help!

    I love the name Clark and would use it except it's my ex-bf's last name! I much prefer Clark over the more popular (and in my opinion slightly boring). I think your choices of Clark William and Clark Jacob sound great and they mean something to you, which makes it even more of a great choice.

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    Re: Dilemma between a few names. Please help!

    Clark William sounds handsome:) Clark Jacob seems kind of like it should be the other way around to me and the hard 'k' sound sort or clashes, just my opinion though. Clark James is also nice or Clark Noah William.

    Good Luck:)
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