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    Re: Need suggestions - biblical or old man names

    I like Biblical and "old man" names, too. I'm also having a hard time coming up with a boy's name (though I'm not due until May).

    I don't know how you get sold on a name...I think you just know when you hear the name that is right for you. Also, some names may just grow on you! I always think it's funny when people announce the names of their unborn kids after the 20week ultrasound reveals the sex. Won't they change their minds???

    Anyway, of those mentioned, I love, love, love:
    Nate (Nathan, Nathaniel)
    Isaac (was this mentioned?)

    Jacob is a great name, but so super popular. If you love it though, I think you should use it. Good luck!

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    Re: Need suggestions - biblical or old man names

    Personally, I love the names Kate and Jack together. Jack, while popular, is a great name, and one of my favorites. I know the coolest guy named Jack, so I have only positive connections with this name.

    My brother's name is Jacob, but he goes by Jake. It's weird because I know a lot of Jacob's (all of different ages) and only one other Jacob goes by Jake... I think it's a great name, and while extremely popular, it's classic.

    Personally, I love Adam. I also know a great guy named Adam, so I might be a little biased. While I'm not crazy about Biblical names, Adam is somewhat of an exception for me. Adam and Kate sound like the perfect sibling set as well.

    I say Adam or Jack :) Good luck and congrats!

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    Re: Need suggestions - biblical or old man names

    I dont know if this is too late but my first choice is strong but has a short nickname.

    Jameson - nickname James

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