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  • Eli Joseph Thompson

    15 42.86%
  • Donovan Joseph Thompson

    3 8.57%
  • Nathan Joseph Thompson

    10 28.57%
  • Landon Joseph Thompson

    4 11.43%
  • Kyle Joseph Thompson

    3 8.57%
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    Re: Due anyday.. Votes Please!

    I think that Elliot and Donovan create the best flow with Joseph and your last name, because with the other options, each name only has two syllables. (For me, when every names has two syllables, the flow isn't the best.)

    I originally voted for Donovan Joseph, but now that I think about it, Don and Thom have the same short o sound, so I'm changing my vote to Elliot Joseph Thompson. :-)

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Due anyday.. Votes Please!

    Donovan Joseph, so so handsome:)

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    Re: Due anyday.. Votes Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by thebabynamer
    Eli Joseph Thompson flows very well together. Personally I don't like the name Elliot and if you are going to call him Eli anyway, why not just name him Eli?

    I agree I think I like Eli better...

    We have narrowed down our list to:

    Eli Joseph- (If he needed a formal name he could use is middle name right?)

    Donovan Joseph

    Nathan Joseph

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    Re: Due anyday.. Votes Please!

    I LOVE the name Nathan! Classic, strong and handsome. I know some Nathans and they are all really great people. Eli would be my second choice.

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