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    A sister for Max and Ava

    We have two wonderful kids now, Max(well) Parker, who is 9, and Ava Esme', who is 7. (Named her Esme loonnnnng before I started seeing it pop up everywhere!) We are now expecting a new baby in April, and I'm having a hard time finding a good "sister" name to go with my two. Our boys name has been selected, Henry Oliver. These are the ones I/we are looking at:

    Marin Irene
    Marigny Ambrosine
    Ivey Ambrosine (or Ivy)
    Beatrice Irene
    Dixie (DH hates this. But, incidentally, it's his favorite beer...LOL)
    Vivi (Vivienne)

    Are there any other suggestions? We still have a few more months. Also, we are from New Orleans, and were hoping to find a 'Louisiana' name, even though we now live in NC. Our last name beings with 'P.'


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    Re: A sister for Max and Ava

    Love, LOVE Henry Oliver! Excuse me while I go write that down...

    Marin Irene - Not a big fan of Marin. Maybe because I live in Florida, I automatically think "marine."

    Marigny Ambrosine - Is this pronounced marin-yee? If so, that's pretty. But it seems way to exotic next to your other names.

    Ivey Ambrosine (or Ivy) - I'd go with Ivy out of the two. But I think Ivy and Ava are just too close.

    Beatrice Irene - Beatrice is one of my all-time favorites because I love the play Much Ado About Nothing, but I just can't see her here. She's a little to 1900s for this group.

    Matilda - Love Matilda. Especially diggin' Tilda lately. Not the worst combo, not quite the best either. Maybe it's a little too old lady cool than the hip Max and Ava.

    Lily - This would be a great combo. I hear it's popular now, though.

    Lila - Style-wise it's a good fit. Not good if Ava and Lila ending in the same sound bothers you.

    Sasha - Seems a little too sassy next to Max and Ava.

    Dixie (DH hates this. But, incidentally, it's his favorite beer...LOL) - I personally have always had a soft spot for Dixie. Though again, I can't really see it with the more traditional Max and Ava.

    Vivi (Vivienne) - This would work, it's a beautiful name. The echoing V's in Ava and Vivi could be nice without being to matchy-matchy. This would also be a great way to hint at those New Orleans roots.

    Some more options:

    Max, Ava & Alice
    Max, Ava & Evelyn nn. Evie
    Max, Ava & Helen
    Max, Ava & Iris
    Max, Ava & Julia
    Max, Ava & Olive
    Max, Ava & Simone

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    Re: A sister for Max and Ava

    Would Belle qualify as a Louisiana name?

    Otherwise Louisa, Eloise, Mabel, Delphine, Tallulah, Stephanie, Scarlett, Victoria, Regina.

    Matilda is a gorgeous name

    I don't think that Marin goes with Ava and it is a little too close to Max.

    Although I feel it is a little unsubstantial would Mignon be any good?

    Also Georgia, Evelyn, Lucille, Rose.

    Ambrosine sounds fanciful if you want a stand out name Arabella would be beautiful.

    Also Allegra but you may not want 2 daughters with their names starting with an A.

    I dislike Ivy and Ivey is all wrong.

    Adeline, Adele, Annabelle

    Nice to see Irene in mn spot, but the style is very different to Ava.

    The Lily's are nice but very popular and go well with Ava.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: A sister for Max and Ava

    I lOVE viv!

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    Re: A sister for Max and Ava

    Love Viv and Vivi but i like the spelling Vivian more.
    also have a soft spot for Clover (my grandmothers name)?
    Louisa, Eloise, Louise?
    I think Elizabeth is a fitting middle name.
    As well as something like Rose, all classic.

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