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    Re: Love it or hate it... my 2nd daughter has a unique name.

    I only read page 1, but we cant be all Marie or John. She lives in Africa where they dont speak English that much (or not as a first language I think) so Butterfly isnt a problem, i think its like a more modern name there. Someone said 'what if you meet a doctor named Butterfly?' who says shes even going to be a doctor?! maybe she wants to be a fashionlady or even own her own store?! Maybe shes just that person behind the regrister? And why dont take 'butterfly' serieus, she didnt choose to be butterfly and a name DOES NOT say anything about a person. Id think a Walter is boring but he is the most awesome daredevil i know!

    Of you like the name and it wouldt caus problems in daily life it shouldt be a problem. heck i know people named Human (mensje), Butterfly (vlinder) and Flower (Bloem) but not in english but in dutch where people speak dutch. would that be okay then? because english speaking people dont know it?

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    Re: Love it or hate it... my 2nd daughter has a unique name.

    I'm not hear to judge anyone.. just dropping in to share my thoughts on such an unusual name..

    I for one, love hippie-dippy, tree hugging nature names! I really do! However, when deciding on names for my children, I picked classic, recognizable, and traditional (but not super popular, of course!) names for them, so that they could embrace anything they want to be as an adult without being laughed at or looked over. Who knows what they will decide to be when they are grown ups, but if my children do want to be lawyers, politicians, doctors, or actors, and the name I choice for them got in the way of their ambition, I'm sure they would resent me over it.

    So although I really wanted to name my kids something along the lines of Dancing Sunshine Forrest or Petunia Ocean Moonlight, I held back, for the sake of my children and their egos.

    If she loves her name when she is an adult, that's great! But I wouldn't be surprised by the time she is 20 her insisting on A. Changing her name, or B. Going by her middle name.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Love it or hate it... my 2nd daughter has a unique name.

    I personally think it's terrible. She'll love it when she's a kid, but probably by high school age it won't "fly" anymore.

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    Re: Love it or hate it... my 2nd daughter has a unique name.

    I think it really depends on the way you look at the name. On one hand, it is very creative and charming! I think it would be very different if you had named your child Shark or Octopus, which are less pleasing creatures.

    But, on the other hand, I think her name may become just a tad bit hard to carry throughout her life. I'm not saying you have to give her a common or traditional name like Sarah or Catherine, but something that maybe had a few more options may have made it easier.

    But overall I truly do love the fact that you have a daughter named Butterfly!

    Bounce :)

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    Re: Love it or hate it... my 2nd daughter has a unique name.

    Wow, that is a truly unique name! I definetely wouldn't choose that name for my child, but then again, I prefer more traditional or Italian names. I must ask, where do you go from Butterfly? You mentioned a first daughter...what is her name? If you plan on having more children, will their names be similar to Butterfly? Maybe Falcon or Eagle? It would be rather odd to have a, for example, Sarah, Butterfly, and Thomas. I can't think of a name that would go well with Butterfly...maybe Skylar?

    Also, does Butterfly have any nicknames? Her name itself sounds more like a pet-name. For example, one of my neighbors calls his little daughter Cricket and his son Bear (as nicknames, their names are really Rebecca and Shawn. Rebecca is called Cricket because, as a newborn, her father said that her crying sounded like a cricket chirp. Shawn is named Bear because, A) he likes bears and B) he likes to growl (he is three)).

    I can't think of a good nickname for Butterfly? Hopefully children (she will have to interact with children eventually) won't call her Butt or Butter...

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