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    Re: What do you think of Keith?

    I'm sorry, but I really don't like this name. I like the suggestion of Keaton much better.

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    Re: What do you think of Keith?

    I like Keith! I think it's smart and spunky:) Having said that though I still prefer it in the mn position so from your list Henry Keith and Anderson Keith are my favourites.
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    Re: What do you think of Keith?

    I don't like it, the sound is kind of harsh, but it could work as a mn.

    There was an episode of Family Guy where Peter was trying to break into a voice-activated vault. The security question? "What is the least attractive male name in the English language?" Peter's answer was "Keith". He was granted access.

    Just sharing this because, well, it was funny, but it also shows that apparently a lot of people aren't fans of this name....

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    Re: What do you think of Keith?

    I'm really surprised by all of the negative reactions so far. I think Keith is a great name! It's familiar and classic without being overused, it's handsome and clearly masculine, but with a soft sound. I think you should absolutely go for it as a first name (though it could make a nice middle as well).

    From your list, my favorite combo is Keith Thomas, but here are some other suggestions:

    Keith Elias
    Keith Alexander
    Keith Adam
    Keith Douglas
    Keith Isaac

    Benjamin Keith
    Victor Keith
    Peter Keith
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    Re: What do you think of Keith?

    Unfortunately I have had some poor Keith experiences. Also, it sounds too much like quiche for my liking.

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