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    Oh hello This is such an interesting thread! I'm 16 and have always been so interested in names- to my parents horror haha. I think they are scared that names will turn into real life babies!! They have nothing to fear, though :P My parents tend to dislike any name I like

    My favourites

    Samuel George "Sam"
    Theodore James "Theo/Teddy"
    Benjamin Henry "Ben"
    Joshua Otis "Josh"
    Sebastian Blake "Seb/Bash"
    Montague Jack "Monty"
    Tobias Jude "Tobi"
    Maddox Leon "Madd/Oxie"
    Barnaby Duke "Barney"
    Dougal Timothy "Dougie"
    Edward Levi "Eddie"


    Lucy Annabelle or Lucinda Ivy or Lucia Violet "Lucy"
    Annabelle Pearl "Annie, Anna, Belle"
    Genevieve Pearl "Gen, Genny, Gin, Ginny, GiGi, Gia, Nevie, Nevie"
    Magdalen Alice "Maggie"
    Marlena Alice "Marley"
    Philippa Charlotte "Pippa"
    Naomi Claire "Nya"
    Katherine Lyric "Katie, Kitty"
    Vivienne Elise "Vivie"
    Penelope June "Penny"
    Beatrix Claire "Trixie"

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