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    I just left the teen years, but I was definitely still a huge name nerd starting roughly age 17.

    Well my current favorites now (age 20) are Alexander Owen, Mark Thomas, Jack Patrick, Vincent, Evan, Stella Claire, Julie Soleil, Heather Ava, etc.

    Several years ago my favorites were Alexander Owen, Curran Jeremiah, Caleb Atticus, Declan Avery, Stella Melody, Annabel Paige, Logan Ava etc. Not too much change.
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    I'm a teenager, and WOW, I am very late commenting on this thread! I have had a name obsession starting fall 2011, and I lurked on Nameberry for while before getting my own account last summer. Now, it's my favorite website!

    Okay, so, when you guys are talking to your friends about your latest name crushes, do they roll their eyes and say, "Oh, here we go again," to you too? I hate that! My favorite name "genres" are vintage and British—i.e. Eleanor, Jane, Alice, Beatrice, etc.
    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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    fiammetta Guest
    I've had a name obsession since I was about 4 (no joke, I used to change my name weekly and all of my work from my first year of school has Cindy and Kathleen on it instead of Ebony), I've not long turned 17.

    My favourite names at the moment are;

    For ladies: Violet Andromeda Lark, Antigone Rose Elizabeth, Sibyl Guinevere, Ottilie Maeve, Octavia Lily, Esther Valentine, Beatrice, Florence, Olive, Matilda, Persephone, Cordelia, Edith, Orla, Agnes, Hermione, Harriet, Hazel, Wilhelmina, Charlotte and Clementine.

    For gentlemen: August Elijah Grey, Edmund Hartley Fox, Felix Rafferty James, Percy Alexander Otto, Dexter Barnaby, Oliver Cedric, Arlo Frederick, Ezra Benedict, Jasper, Henry, Rupert, Theodore, Hugo, Charles, Otis, Draco, George and I'm searching for a full name for Pip.

    @peacelovepurple: My favourite name "genres" are also vintage and British - I'm constantly drooling over the birth announcements found in the UK telegraph.

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    I'm a teenberry. I'm turning seventeen in about a month.
    My favorites:
    Peri Della Opal,
    Poppi Meave Harriet,
    Storey Alice,
    Opal Anneliese.

    Cecil Henri,
    Hugo Alistair,
    Jasper Grey,
    Asa Omri.

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    Oh hello This is such an interesting thread! I'm 16 and have always been so interested in names- to my parents horror haha. I think they are scared that names will turn into real life babies!! They have nothing to fear, though :P My parents tend to dislike any name I like

    My favourites

    Samuel George "Sam"
    Theodore James "Theo/Teddy"
    Benjamin Henry "Ben"
    Joshua Otis "Josh"
    Sebastian Blake "Seb/Bash"
    Montague Jack "Monty"
    Tobias Jude "Tobi"
    Maddox Leon "Madd/Oxie"
    Barnaby Duke "Barney"
    Dougal Timothy "Dougie"
    Edward Levi "Eddie"


    Lucy Annabelle or Lucinda Ivy or Lucia Violet "Lucy"
    Annabelle Pearl "Annie, Anna, Belle"
    Genevieve Pearl "Gen, Genny, Gin, Ginny, GiGi, Gia, Nevie, Nevie"
    Magdalen Alice "Maggie"
    Marlena Alice "Marley"
    Philippa Charlotte "Pippa"
    Naomi Claire "Nya"
    Katherine Lyric "Katie, Kitty"
    Vivienne Elise "Vivie"
    Penelope June "Penny"
    Beatrix Claire "Trixie"

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