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    I'm 16 and definitely a name-loving teen. Even frome when I was like eight I was always coming up with names and name combos I was going to name my kids some day (thankfully, for the sake of my future children, my tastes have changed!). Some of my current favorites are:

    Kylie Amelia Jane
    Willow Addison Noel
    Piper Calla Mary

    Jack Eli Dale
    Brandt Theodore William
    Cooper Gabriel Leo

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    I'm a teen all of my favourite names are in my signature. I also am beginning to adore Cosette, Merida, Lena, and Phoebe, Willow and Hazel.
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    An extremely name obsessed teenager . My all-time favourites are .....
    Girls: Ella Juliette, Aurora Niamh, Aria Laurel , Evangeline Lilac, Anastasia Primrose, Adeline Louisa, Hermione Clara, Penelope Bohème, Genevieve Alouette , Bridget Rosalie, Vivian Lark, Fiona Miette, Whimsy Isolde
    Boys: Gabriel Finnick, Luca Marius , Elias Benjamin, Ezra Miles, Reid Elijah, Peregrine Forrest, Augustus Barnaby, Louis Metias, Montgomery Theodore

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    It's a long time since my teens, and I began my obsession with names in my pre-teen years. I even went to the extent of naming pot plants!!! I also wrote stories in my teens and loved making up characters' names.

    I've loved names all along. I still like a lot of favourites from that time and now there are other names I fancy as naming trends have changed.

    It's interesting to see my brother's name (Henry) become so popular, as well as a cousin's (Theodore). These names were pretty much unheard of in those days (my brother born in 1965 and my cousin in 1956). Poor Henry was teased a lot for his name at school, but now it is getting more common and so many people seem to like it.

    I always fantasised about having a different name as I always felt my FN, 2 MNs, and SN with 3-3-4-3 syllables each were rather unwieldy...then 7 years ago I did just that - but to quite a different name from the ones I used to imagine in my pre-teen and younger years.

    This is such a great site for inspiration and I imagine if I was a teenager now, I would be so excited to see a site like this, as there was nothing this extensive available back in my day.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE names! I dream of them day & night! I just turned 15 last month!

    My name combos at the moment are: Grace Helena, Annabella Pearl, Vivien Lila, Scarlett Athena, Astrid Olivia and Isla Frances for girls and Elias Dominic, Asher Sebastian, Mason Christopher and Fisher Graham for boys!

    I hope to meet some other name loving teen just like me soon!
    A girl named Chastity who is a teenberry name addict!


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    I'm a little late finding this thread, but I love seeing all these teen name berries! I'm 19, so I guess I won't be one for much longer. Anyway, I've always been SO obsessed with names, like all of you, and it's just the coolest thing knowing I'm not the only one!! Always have been, always will be, no matter how strange all my friends and family think I am

    Don't you all just hate when you're talking to friends about what you're going to name your kids (and of course you have the perfect sibset picked out) and you get the "your kids are going to hate you"?! Just for choosing beautifully substantial and non-trendy names? And don't you all just cringe when your friends' sibsets consist of horribly trendy ones that don't even sound like a sibset?! Oh, the agony.

    Today, my perfect sibset consists of Lotte Matilda, Flora Julienne, Vivian Pearl, Leo Emerson, Stellan James, and Graham Oliver.

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