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    Apr 2012
    Hello! I'm a teen as well My favorites right now are:

    Hermione Olivia


    Lorcan Oliver or Abraxas Lorcan Oliver
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    I'm a teen too! New here, I've been lurking for awhile though. My favorites are literally constantly changing, but right now they are Miles, Nicholas, James, Oliver, Damian, Luke, Charlie, Emmett, and Benjamin for boys, and Sophie, Claire, Eva, Kate, Laney, Paisley, Julia, and Sienna for girls.

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    Im a teen here too (: favorites at the moment are Cecily,Felicity and Boheme.For boys, I love Charlie,Fielder,Wilder and Ezekiel (:
    A young teen berry who's name obsessed!
    Possible future kid's names: Rosemarie,Tallulah,Sadie,Indie,Boheme,Fleur,Charlo tte,Cecily June,Isla Kate Charlie Dean,Ezekiel,Shepard,Emerson,Felix,Wilder,Feilder
    Guilty Pleasures:Juniper,Ophelia,Louise,Henry,Oliver,Lilibet

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    I'm about to turn 16 and I'm obsessed with names! Bah! The worst part is that most of my friends are guys who couldn't care less, so I haven't got anyone to ramble to...Hence my membership here!
    Right now, my favorites are:
    Seth Austin (I've ALWAYS loved this and it's never moved from my number one spot!) Currently, #2 and #3 are Drew Richard and Gavin Justin.
    Nora Juliette. #2 and #3 are Rose Natalie and Erica Beth.
    ♂ Ellis Christopher / Asher Estlin / Seth Joshua / Gordon Thomas / Russell Joseph ♂
    ♀ Marilyn Kay / Joanna Kathryn / Tessa Diane / Nola Elaine / Christine Ruby ♀

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    I'm a teen I love Cecily as a name...

    Some favorites for a girl:

    Lyra Angel , Estelle (I LOVEEEEE Estelle!!) Clementine
    Coraline Grace , Jeanne (pronounced zh-ah-n) Mathilde

    Some favorites for a boy:

    Anthony Vex ,Sebastian Charles
    Carlisle James , Noah Killian

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