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    Aug 2012
    I'm 19 (it's still got "teen" in it!) and while I'm not obsessed with names I often find myself trying them out in my head and wondering which ones I could really see myself using. Leila Christine and Phoebe Elizabeth are two of my favourites at the moment. If I'm lucky enough to have two daughters some day those will definitely be their middle names even if my tastes change for first names- they're after two very special people.

    For boys I've liked Rowan since I was about 12, and Finn is lovely too but a bit too common in Germany (where I currently live), in Ireland (where I live when I'm not here) and England (where I'm from). So many Finns! Get away from the lovely name!

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    Sep 2010
    I'm a name-loving teen! I'm 17(typed 16 at first! My birthday was yesterday ). I have loved names ever since I was little! (I remember being 4 and loving the names Coral Jane and Emily Ann, lol). My top boy name is William Roger, and I don't have a top girl name, I'm still working on those I just love too many girls names to pick one
    Gracie ~ Teen Berry ~ Not Expecting, Just Planning

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    I am almost 16 and when I'm bored in class, I name my future children. I'm a girl obsessed!
    Anyhow...I have three favorites for boys and for girls.
    1. Seth Austin
    2. Drew Richard
    3. Gavin Justin

    1. Nora Juliette (or Nora Juliette, or Cora Lynn) (absolutely adore every single one, but they're all too similar :S)
    2. Rose Natalie
    3. Erica Beth
    ♂ Ellis Christopher / Asher Estlin / Seth Joshua / Gordon Thomas / Russell Joseph ♂
    ♀ Marilyn Kay / Joanna Kathryn / Tessa Diane / Nola Elaine / Christine Ruby ♀

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    Hey~ Teen here! I'm thirteen, going to be fourteen in July!

    My favorite combo's right now are:
    Asher Rhys
    Arya Snow
    Iris Brynn
    Thane Eldridge
    Callum Rhys
    Callum Jude
    Archer North
    Bellamy John (Boy)
    Sailor Sky (Girl)

    I like boys names much better than girls names, haha.
    Catelin Geneva
    10th grader

    Top Combos: Rowena Story and Atlas Fox

    Circe ; Isolde ; Freya ; Sansa
    Magnus ; Casimir ; Ronan ; Atlas

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    I'm around your age and absolutely obsessed with nameberry!!!
    I usually don't talk about it much though, since when i do people think i'm trying to get pregnant or something :T
    Favorite combos:
    Sailor Elizabeth
    Matilda Aloy
    Waverly Elize

    Eliot Harlow
    Levi Hudson
    Xander Aloy

    Right Now I would name them...
    ∆ Ellis Apollo • Vesper Aurelia ∆

    ∆ Casper Aloysius • Reverie Antonia ∆

    Guilty Pleasures ...

    Sailor . Waverly . Ever . Harlow . Elliot . Jasper . Lirit . Muse . Egypt . Ireland . Primrose . Calypso . Rowan

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