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    Jul 2012
    I'm 17, and I've been really into baby names for as long as I can remember. I'm not open about it to my friends, but I am very vocal about what other people in my area name their children. (Which are usually horrible.) I have a whole notebook full of lists from when I was in sixth grade.
    Here is my list right now:

    Lucy Madeleine
    Eliot Evangeline
    Lennox Elizabeth (Elizabeth after myself)
    Cassia Claire

    Bennett James (James after my grandfather)
    Matthew Avery
    Jack Owen (Jack after my other grandfather)
    Sebastian Cole

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    Jul 2012
    I love these names!!! Mind if I steal Bennett for a character? Only private- won't publish or anything!! Not that I ever could...

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    Aug 2012
    I'm two weeks from being 18, although my name obsession started at 12 with the Sims.
    My favorite boys names are Isaac Dante, Marcus Levi and Simon Matthais. My favorite girls names are Lilith Harlowe, Síofra Summer and Elodie Jane.
    My fiance listens to me ramble about names all the time and puts in his 2¢. All the boys names are approved by him, lol. The girls not so much. We disagree greatly and girls names I truly love are few and far between.

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    I am 13 so yep I am one. I like Isobel for a girl or Eamon for a boy
    Isobel | Eloise | Matilda | Lucia | Alice | Eleanor | Amelia | Felicity | Phoebe | Eilidh | Rosalia | Zoe | Azalea | Genevieve | Tallulah | Everleigh | Rebecca | Leila | Harper | Grace | Zara |
    Eamon | Hayes | Tiago | Cooper | Lawson | Archer | Lincoln | Asher | Alfie | Baxter | Taylor | Flynn | Lewis | Fletcher | Jack | Harley | Brooklyn | Regan | Oscar | Spencer |

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    Yes! I'm 17. Got into names because of my writings... now it's just a hobby <3

    Fave Girls: Georgiana Romilly, Elliott Alexandra, Arizona Kate
    Fave Boys: Finnian Gray, Hunter James and Malachi Henry
    Carson Alexandra Joy, Bronte Elissa Rey, Francesca Sydney Rose
    Jethro Raymond Ashley, Jack Riley Robert, Lucas Connor

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