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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I thought I was the only one! I'm almost 14, and I'm addicted to names. I've actually never shared my age on here. I don't know why. There's just never been a chance. I genuinly had no clue that there was such a big teenage Berry community.

    I've loved names all of my life. Literally. Up until last year Seren and Tallulah where top of my list. I still like those, but I'm completely a snob now :lol: . I'm literally bursting with excitement that there are people my age... with the same taste in names as me! I feel so isolated. None of my friends share my bizarre interest, and my I'm sort of keeping it from my parents; I don't think they understand that there is a line between name-obsessed and baby-obsessed. My sister, although only 9 years old, sort of understands. She's already given me permission to name her first child. It seems my tastes go beyond Laura and Sasha. :lol:

    Some of my favourites at the minute:
    Margo Evangeline
    Violet Matilda
    Rosa Margaret
    Ramona Violet 'Mona'
    Dora Margareta
    Nella Elizabeth
    Marcella Pearl
    Imogen Mirabelle
    Rosalind Amelia
    Beatrix Amelia 'Bea'
    Darcie Genevieve

    I don't think I've quite settled on a boys style yet. I think most of my favourites are on my signature, but I haven't changed that for a while. The majority are family names which I love and want to honor my loved ones with one day.

    OH! I forgot - My name's Olivia (Boring for a name enthusiast, huh?). I'm trying to introduce my new nickname as the much less popular and far more interesting AND vintage - Olive. It's failing. I go by Liv. Anyway, I live in Northern England. I REALLY REALLY hope to hear from somebody.
    Rosemary / Briar / Evangeline / Sibyl / Alba

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore / Emmett / Hugh / Wilfred / Oberon

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Hahahahahahaheeheeheee!! My wild cackles of joy there . I am soooo happy to find out I'm not the only teen berry. I am 13, but like oliviasarah have never shared my age here before.

    Like everyone here, I am completely obsessed with names, and have been for pretty much my entire life (When I was 9, I made an A-Z list of all my favourite names with about 5 names per gender, per letter!). I do talk to my parents and friends about names a bit, but they all think I'm weird, and again my parents worry that I'm baby-obsessed instead of just name-obsessed. Also, I've become a tiny bit of a name snob since discovering Nameberry, and all my friends just have normal name tastes, so they don't really understand the names I like .

    Yay oliviasarah! Someone else in the UK! I live near London, and always feel isolated because so many berries are in the US.

    Some of my fave names/combos at the moment are:
    Georgiana Katherine
    Lydia Juliet
    Cassandra Jane
    Clementine (this is everywhere on Nameberry!)

    Boys are harder and a bit more mixed up. Also not got many boy combos, just individual names:
    Lucas James
    Arthur Tristan
    Cassian Jude
    Matthias Jude
    Fitzwilliam (slight Jane Austen fanatic )
    Willoughby Rowan
    Gabriel Benjamin
    Elijah Ciaran
    Ethan Rafferty

    I am so ecstatically happy at the moment :lol: . Maybe I'm not quite as strange as I thought I was!

    PS- My name is Amy. Not the most exciting but I think it is really pretty. I know it's been a bit overused in the US in th 60's, but I love the Little Women link, which is part of the reason my mum and dad chose it. oliviasarah, my best friend's name is Olivia, so I will always love it. It is very popular here which isn't the best, but it is still a gorgeous name!
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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I would have LOVED having nameberry as a teenager, but of course we didn't even completely have the internet in quite the same way (certainly established, but not nearly as pervasive) so nice to see you teens having it. I'm glad to have stumbled upon it as an adult, I think it's a bit less of a "weird" hobby for an adult (obviously I don't think it's weird in any bad way at least for teens - since I was one myself : D), but it's still not something you can indulge with many other people : D.

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:


    I am 19 and I am obsessed with names since I was 9. On my first list was the name Florence. Later I liked all names from Charmed. I wanted to name my future kids: Melinda Phoebe and Adam Noah Samuel. I dont like these names anymore, except Florence of course. My name style changed. Now I like more classic names with history.
    My favourite Englisch names : Eleanor, Jemima, Clementine, Amelia, Emmeline, Jane, Elizabeth, Honora, Flora, Florence, Gemma, Henrietta, India, Imogen
    As I live in Austria, I will probably never be able to give Englisch names to my future children.
    Other names I likeall pronounced in German) Eleonora, Salome , Rosa, Augusta, Amalia, Elisabeth, Eulalia, Florentine, Clementia, Ophelia, Sidonie, Tali, Lavendel
    I also like muslim-bosnian names: Amina, Mina, Behara, Dzenana (Dze is pronounced like the Englisch J), Dzema, Fatima, Imana, Mejra, Rabija, Nedzma, Sabah, Zehra

    My boy names list is very short and it includes almost only religious names like Zacharias,Samson, Ismael, Ibrahim, Noam, Naim, Eleazar and Ephraim

    Ok , I didnt thought It would be so a long list :shock:

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I absolutely loved names that much and was on sites like this as a teen!

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