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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Quote Originally Posted by jadediana
    Just left my teens a couple months ago. I have been lurking and posting on name boards since I was about 12 though. My current favorites:

    Charlotte Mayflower

    Charles Norman
    Hosea Independence (but only as a GP)
    Mayflower is possibly the coolest mn EVER! Love that combo. Charlotte and Mayflower totally compliment each other, surprisingly enough.

    Actually this brings to mind the names Promise and Remember--I'd probably never use them, except maybe for mn's, but I think they are such fab Puritan-esque names!

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm 16 and I love a TON of names, but my favorites right now:

    Savannah Juliet
    Amelia Jane
    Delilah Clark
    Gwendolyn Scarlett
    Fiona Charity

    Cameron Michael
    Beau Nathaniel
    Gavin Josiah
    Joseph Anthony
    and Noah James
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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I am 17, and I also happen to love names! My tastes are constantly changing, but here are my main favorites:

    Leah Christine
    Lydia Rose
    Ada Alberta
    Aria Nicole
    Sienna Leigh
    Sadie Michelle
    Ellery Violet
    Elizabeth Mikelle
    Anna Katherine

    David Louis
    Gideon Thomas
    Luca Christopher
    Anthony Nicholas

    Names that are growing on me:
    Emmeline- I saw that movie with Brooke Shields, and I love the name! I still like Emma, but this might be a good alternative.
    Pheobe- I used to think this name was terrible, but it has a cute charm to it.
    Charlotte- this is adorable and sophisticated
    Georgia - this is actually my great-aunt's name, but it is cute.
    Virginia- not so thrilled with all of the "Virgin" jokes, but the nn Ginny is cute.

    So, obviously my tastes vary. What kinda makes me sad is, since the names don't all go great together (and it is highly unlikely I will be able to use all of these names), I will have to choose the names I can use when I name my first child (ex. Ellery might not go well with, say, Anthony or any of the other Italian names). Either way, my first daughter will be named Leah Christine (the mn after my mother), and if I were to have a girl right after her, I would probably name her Sadie Michelle, and a third daughter would likely be Lydia Rose. Girls tend to run in my family, and even if I were to have all sons biologically, I plan to adopt anyway, and I could use more of my favorite names with them.

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I have loved names for about ten years now (I am almost 24) so I was definitely one of those teens. I don't remember a lot of favorites because they changed so frequently.
    I do remember I loved Nikolo for a while. Also Adrian, Mason, Chase and David. I still like David.
    For girls, I liked Isabella (before Twilight was out), Teague, Jaide and for a little while I loved Christina. I still really like Isabella.
    In my late teens I was always looking for unusual names. Not way out there, but infrequently heard. I also played with spellings alot, such as Daevyd (nn Daevy) or Jaekub. I was really big on "ae" names for a while, but I grew out of that. I was also huge on J names, and I still like those alot. At some point in high school, I settled on James for a boy's middle name, and Rose for a girl, and I still like those.
    I still seem to like ones that aren't heard often... for instance, I named my daughter Emmeline (a name I'd never even heard of until a few months ago).
    All in all I would say my name tastes are similar to my teen years, but they have evolved a little. And, for the most part, I don't play with the spelling anymore.
    Emmeline, Felicity, Rosalie

    Benjamin Gregory, Henry Leonidas, Apollo James

    Madeline Avery, Isobel Sparrow, Dahlia Katherine

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