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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I think I posted already but watev I'll just post since I cant find my other one. hehe. I'm 15 and LOVE LOVE LOVE names. Thats really all I do is look at name books and name websites. My favorite name combos are:
    Pryce Marcel(My favorite name love it soo much)
    Atticus Ryan
    Cassius River/Jeih/Nyle/James
    Cairo Dexter/August/Lennox
    Lysander Ryton
    Tiberius Kyle
    Keelan Ender

    Alyona Thisbe
    Laelia Halo
    Aubrielle Gracelyn/Laney
    Keilani Brielle
    Emberlia Paige
    Eleri Rose
    ~Dayton.22.Auntie to Cruz Marcel & Aylah Hope Catherine~
    {Pandora Mary Dove} {Soul Wilhelmina Dear} {Saskia Edith Muse} {Zelda Mariam Opal} {Hadassah Yvette Wildrose}
    {Eden Demetrius} {Sailor Ignatius} {Poet Ambrose} {Indie Jericho} {Crow Aubrey}

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Im 13 my current favorite name is for a girl...

    Ivory-Atlas Zaniel (last name)

    Zaniel is a family name and the nickname would be Atty

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Hi, I'm Anna and I'm almost 13 (september 24)

    I lovvee names too Especially American names (I'm from the Netherlands)

    My girls list:
    Allison- I love this name, it's so adorable <3 I would call her Allie or just Allison
    Caitlyn- I prefer this spelling, it's so fresh and young. Love it
    Caroline- I love this name too, it's so feminine. Would call her Carly, Carrie or Caroline.
    Cassidy- Never really loved this name untill... I don't know :P Few weeks ago. I love nn Cassie but love full name Cassidy too!!!
    Eden- This might be my favourite! It sounds so... Feminine and elegant and perfect! Good for children and adults!
    Emmeline- This name is so cute! nn Emme/Emmy is also adorable!
    Grace- Always have loved this name It's short and strong, love it.
    Hailey- I have loved this name since I first heard it. I can imagine it on girly girls and on tough girls!
    Jessamine- I think this name is so cute! Love nn Jessa/Jesse/Jess
    Judy- This name means so much to me. It's a sort of family thing... Judy's supposed to be my twin sister but... You probably know what I mean...
    Julie/Julia- I think Julie/Julia sounds so wonderful. Fresh and young just like Caitlyn. But Caitlyn's more trendy.
    Megan- Love this name, don't know why :P
    Nola- Met a little girl with this name. Soooo adorable! Love this name ever since!
    Olivia- This name is so... I don't know? AWESOME?! Haha, love this name + nn Liv
    Vivienne- lovee <3 Love nn Vivi

    Don't know my fav combo's but I like short middle names like "Grace, Pearl, Jane or June".

    My boys list:
    I have 3 favs
    James- I think James is absolutly adorable for a little boy! And also very perfect for an adult
    Leo- cuutteeee! But would use it as nn.
    Mason- didn't know this name untill I read this was the name of Kourtney Kardashian's son. I ADORED this name. Totally love it!
    I think I like Jack too

    Xoxo Anna

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Hey all! I'm 17 and only recently (by 'recently', I mean the past year or so) got into names.
    I found this site awhile back, and was immediately impressed with the wide range of lists nameberry has - I felt like I could find pretty much any name I might ever want! :]
    My name list is very lengthy, so I'll only post a handful here for each gender.


    Charlotte (have loved this name for awhile, and will probably end up using it in RL in some way or another)
    Vivienne (Viviene Leigh only served to make me love this name even more! Seriously, I can't get enough of it..)
    Georgia/Georgie/GiGi (so CUTE!)

    Lee (not really sure why I like this name, but it just keeps appealing to me)
    Auden (girl or boy)

    In all honesty, I prefer very 'out-there' names, so this isn't really an accurate representation of the types of names that I like, but oh well, haha.

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I LOVE names! I write a lot so I always am looking on name sites, and after checking nameberry everyday I finally had to give in and get an account Now it's more so as my guilty pleasure.
    Here are some names I like:
    Elizabeth Mary nn Ellie
    Violet Antonia
    Cecily Catherine
    Eva Monet
    Ambrosia Paige (my frilly guily pleasure girl name)
    Serena Blythe
    Paget Renee
    Collins Faith (I heard it on The Blind Side)
    Autumn Juleit nn A.J.
    Christopher Joseph
    Mekhai Bryce
    Elijah Joel
    Trenton Abner
    As of 7/29/11 consider this account deleted.

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