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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm 17, and an absolute name fanatic. I have loved names for over a decade, but the obsession really started when I was 13. Thankfully, I've moved on from the trendy, overused names to more less common classics My favourites at the moment are:

    g e n e v i e v e

    Violet Ruby Grace ♀ Alice Pomeline Wren ♀ India Lotus Penelope
    May Tallulah Verity ♀ Lucia Ottilie June♀ Rosa Elowen Chloë

    Ivo Valentine Fox ♂ Shiloh Atlas Grey ♂ Leo Elijah Bram
    Maben Isaac Poe ♂ Emrys Casper Gabriel ♂ Kit Auberon Xavier

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm a teen on the younger end of the scale, and I'm obsessed with names! Luckily, I write a lot, so I just name characters to stop the buzzy name feeling. My favourite names are hard to decide (especially seen as some of them I would never use on a real person), I mean, my current favourite is Primrose, but I suppose I should say the names I've always liked as well...

    Annabelle (Annabelle Lyra nn. Anna)
    Azalea (Azalea Primrose)
    Ava (Ava Grace, maybe)
    Honor (Honor Melody nn. Nora)
    Lucia (Lucia Sera)

    Elijah (Elijah James nn. Eli)
    Isaiah/Isaac (Isaiah Jacob nn. Ike)
    Ezekiel (Ezekiel Ezra)
    Jude (Judas Oliver nn. Jude)
    Malachi (Malachi Noah, or just plain Kai)
    Josiah (Josiah Kennedy?)

    Not that I would give a kid these names, but I do love...
    Seraphina nn. Sera (g)
    Aaliyah (g)
    Temperance (g)
    Valentine (b)
    Ranger (g/b)
    Cyan (b)
    Tiger Lilly (g)

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm a teen... born in 1991. I've been a name nerd since, oh, I don't know... 4th grade? I asked for a name book for Christmas and of course people confuse name loving with wanting to get pregnant! And I can't share my current favorite names quite yet... they are far too precious.
    Demetri Roland, Niles Wright, Cyrus Martin
    Helen Winter, Ursa Jane, Truett Eliza

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Yay! I'm happy I'm not the only teen who loves names! My parents always thought I was crazy, haha. I always told them I was looking for new character names in my stories (partially true).

    Right now I'm in love with:

    William James
    Abigail June
    Eleanor Blythe.

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