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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Hi I know I keep posting on this one, but my names keep changing! I'm Freya, BTW, 14, and my fave names are Ciara Mary (not see-air-a, keer-a, like its supposed to be) and James Declan/James Matthew (can't decide, James Declan is cool, but my brother is Matthew, but is James Matthew too generic?)
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    ♡ current faves: james arthur & kieran joel & maeve mary brigid

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm a married lady but I've been obsessed with names since I was in middle school. I vary between liking really whimsical names such as Milady Damosel for a girl and Robin Locksley for a boy, and very old-fashioned names such as Kathryn Jane and Elizabeth Anne (NN Kitty and Eliza)

    This is a fun topic

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving (:

    I don't like name combos, but I am a teen and I love these names:

    Beatrix (Trixie)
    Lezah (Lee-za)
    Tattina (Tah-tee-nah)
    Eve (and Evelyn, Evangeline, etc.)

    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I've probably posted on this thread before, but I love how many people there are on Nameberry close to me in age (I'm fifteen and obsessed with names). I always tell my friends there's one thing that I don't joke about, and it's this.
    Names I love for my future kiddies are:

    Rhett Amory, Julian Nathanael, Harlan Francis, Langston Christopher and Rourke Jackson for boys,
    Romilly Clare, Vivien Annabelle, Liv Cecelia, Raquel Isabella and Greta Rosalind for girls
    21 // journalism student
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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I was definitely one of those teens! I had to do an essay about what I would be like in 20 years when I was 14...I was so excited to get to choose all of my children's names! But I was the only one in the class who mentioned children at all, let alone name them all! LOL! If I recall correctly, my children's names were:

    Livvy Marie
    Jacey Nichole & Jillian Nichelle (twins)
    Aimee Isabelle
    Cody Ryan

    Aimee is still at the top of my list to this day! I still like the others too, but not as much as I used to.
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