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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I was a named obsessed teen and now I'm 21 (still super close to teenager-hood ). My favorite names at the moment are Claire Agnes (Agnes was my great-grandmother's name and is my mother's middle name) and Declan James (James is my uncle's name and my bf's grandfather's name). I became BEYOND obsessed with names when I was in jr high and was introduced to! I love how names sound together and their meanings and I still do!! Thanks for making a spot for me to confess

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Im 15 and have been obsessed with names for as long as I can remember!!

    It started off with me disliking my name and wanting to be called something more exotic, like Melissa or Amber.

    Then as my sisters were born I started begging my parents to let me name them (they never did, but hey, my top choice for a girl was Olive so who can blame them!)

    Now I use the names I have collected over the years as characters in stories. I have a lists of my favourite girl names, boy names, name combinations, twin names and names I would actually use (the last list is A LOT shorter than the others.)

    Some of my favourites that I wouldn't actually use are:

    Harlow Titiana
    Sadie Grace (I really love this name because it is a diminutive of my first name with my sisters middle name, but I just can't get Sad-ee out of my head!!)
    Tarlia Tatum
    Cora Katrika
    Rebecca Rose
    Serena Lily
    Alina Fae (again I love this name because it is a different spelling for one of my bestfriends names)
    Isla Morgan (Isla is my cousins name)
    Adalyn Gray

    Names I would consider:
    Samarah Joan (Samarah is a combination of my name and my grandmas name, Joan is the name of my great-great-aunt and my favourite old movie star Joan Sims)
    Sophie (I have had two bestfriends called Sophie)
    Annabel Ruby
    Matilda Jaymes (for some reason I just love the contrast between these two traditional names, I also love James spelt with a y to give it a feminine twist)

    Harrison and Lucy are by far my favourite names though.

    Harrison because I love Harry Potter but am not a fan of Henry and I feel Harry is too weak to be a name by itself.

    Lucy because it is my sisters middle name, I know a little girl called Lucy who is absolutely adorable (she actually has a little brother called Harry so I know the names work well together), and I love The Chronicles of Narnia!!

    I do a lot of dancing and I help out with the younger classes so I get a feel for what kind of names are popular right now. There are a lot of really delicate, feminine names around, the kind of names that make me think of faerie princesses.

    Some of my favourites are quite unusual though:
    Sisters Caelan (Kay-lin) and Elisia (E-lis-see-a)
    and Amalia and Isobel

    bestfriends Nina and Rosie are the cutest!

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm 17! I love nameberry

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    17, and obsessed with name right here. :P

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Hi i'm also a teen name lover. I'm currently sixteen. I have many favorite name combos. But the names i'm saving for my children are:
    Parker Reives Alexander
    Alexis Avalon
    Jacob Ryan Alexander
    Leah Alexandrine
    * As you can see I love names with Alex in them, even international variations like Alejandra

    Other fav. combos I like in general are:
    Dario James
    Nico Evander
    Allegra Caris
    Nahlia Calix

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