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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Quote Originally Posted by bounceparty
    Hey, I'm Chloe and I'm 12. I did post on here before, but I guess I'll post again! Right now my favourite names are:

    Girl - Violet Graciella Hope
    Boy - Benjamin Kevin - Looking fdor alternatives, as these rhyme! But LOVE love LOVe Benjamin and Kevin is family, as are Graciella and Hope.

    Runner-ups are:

    Girl - Isabella Grace nn Belle or Ellie
    Olivia Grace nn Lia or just no nn

    Boy - Noah Kevin - This works but I have bad Noah associations...

    EDIT: Runner Ups are...

    Girl - Anna Violet Grace
    Julia Graciella Hope

    I have a crazy love for the name Benjamin Luke. Does that work for you? Unfortunately, I can never name my child that. I have two cousins, brothers, names Benjamin and Luke. Ugh!
    "I think that is what life is all about, actually. About children and flowers."

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Oh, I'm 12, almost 13 ...
    My favorites are
    - Rufus Seth
    - Sue Roanne

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm 14, 15 in September.

    My favorites are:

    Kerensa Elise nn Kensie
    Rosemary June nn Rosy
    Tabitha Eloise nn Tibby
    Annora Celeste nn Annie
    Thessaly Anne nn Tessa
    Anne Victoria
    Portia Juliet
    Wynn Alice
    Calla Garcelle

    I don't have middles for most of my guys, but here are the firsts:

    Sebastian nn Seb
    Benjamin nn Ben
    Maxwell nn Max
    Leonard nn Leo
    William nn Will
    Joseph nn Joey
    Vincent nn Vince
    Zachary nn Zach
    TARA <3

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm 15 and I am obsessed with baby names, it's nice to see there's lots of people like me. My favorites:

    Billie Rebecca
    Alba Cameron
    Luka Rhiannon
    Louisa Clarabelle

    Rory Lachlan
    Addison Boyd
    Quinn Fletcher
    Cairo Jaxon

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm happy to see so many other young name lovers on here, and so happy to come across this website in general! I've been lurking, reading the blog, for a couple of weeks, and everyone seems to have such good taste!

    My favourite combos at the moment :
    Elsa Vivian Charlotte
    Matilda Violet June
    Tessa Elizabeth Florence. Elsie, Tilly and Tess.

    For boys, I only love Kit, but I don't know what it could be short for - Christopher is nice, but I don't really love it. I also like Felix.

    It's nice to "meet" you all!

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