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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm in my twenties but I'm been in love with names all my life. I began posting on name boards and researching names when I was your age (back in the old days when we still used dial up and there were no wireless connections lol.)
    My name choices have changed drastically over the years. I cant remember anymore what I had picked out when I was a teenager, apart from Anna Elizabeth, which I still like but wouldn't use.
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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Omg! I'm a teen too! well, i'm 12, anyway! its kinda embarassing but I'm OBSESSED with naming my stuffed animals! They even have Middle and last names. Here r my favorites.

    Daisy Mae Ramsay (SHEEP/RAM) idk which one... haha

    Angel Maria Serafina Catalina Garra-(CAT) Garra means "claw" in spanish.

    Spotminster "Spot" Barker-(DALMATIAN) I added the -minster after Spot cuz that was kinda obvious!

    Luis Ricardo Katz-(CAT) I got this cat when I was 10, and I've been thru 15 different names! But 2 of my best guy friends in the world r named Luis (we call him LuLu to bug him! haha) and Ricardo (he goes by Esteban, his mn), so a little dediction 2 them.

    Quinn "Q.T." Tibbles-(MOUSE) He's a rly cute and adorable beanie babie. I wanted to reflect his appearence. He was originally "Cutie" but that was too feminine...

    Kk im gonna stop now, cuz this is kinda scary even to me! Just glad some fellow teens can get me!

    -Alex :-)

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Well, this definitely got a lot more hits than I expected. (-:
    Interestingly enough, a lot of the names posted on here by teens mirror the same styles I like.
    It's funny reading remarks about other people almost wanting to have kids prematurely just to name them. My friend's mom is pregnant again and I fully volunteered myself for name councilling, haha. When my friend first broke the news to me, I was like, "THIS MEANS NAAAAAME BOOOOOKS! Now you HAVE to listen to me!!" I tackled her a bit, I think. And I feel thoroughly unguilty about that, too. (-:
    Well, have fun naming, guys! I'm just going to go back to listening to my music and perousing more of Nameberry (incidentally, I'm listening to Little Song by The Secret Handshake--wouldn't it be odd if we all had similar music taste, as well??)


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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Quote Originally Posted by emrasmus
    I'm 18...and abolutely LOVE names ^_^ My mom thinks I'm nuts, but...ah well!

    Favorite combos-
    Henry Albus-- dead set on this one! Albus-- Albus Dumbledore!
    Charles Atticus nn Charlie-- I adore "Charlie" & Atticus Finch is amazing.

    Lily Tonks-- I know Lily is super popular, but it's just my favorite name! Tonks-- Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter.
    Lucy Ginevra-- adore Lucy, Ginevra from Harry Potter.

    Sadly, my mom really doesn't like Henry! Thinks it's a girl's name- nn for Henrietta. I told her no way, and I keep mentioning "Henry" and she's not complaining anymore..even smiled when I had a dream about him! Won't even mention Albus as the mn! She'll lose it. =P She likes Lily, though...Tonks same as Albus. (She'll get the HP obsession...she knows me!)
    Oh, my! I love your names, and I was actually considering Lily Tonks too! Henry Albus is precious. I would like to name my child (in the far far future) something Harry Potter related. (Luna,Daphne, something not too obvious but maybe I'll go as far as Bellatrix (nn. Bella or kidding)
    "It's not about the meaning of the name, it's about the person giving it a meaning."

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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I'm 13 going on 14 and have recently discovered my obsession for names!

    My favorite combos (forever changing)


    Brianna Rosalie
    Alexis Nathalie
    Aurora Alexandria
    Aurora Arthemisa
    Elizabeth Tonks (Don't ask, I just like it)
    Lily Tonks
    Romy Rayne
    Luna Bellatrix (At one time I considered Luna Nymphadora)
    Claire de Lune ( I actually like this as a name)


    James Eliah ( I don't know why, I just like how it sounds and the bibical names.)
    Oliver Nicholas
    Marco Roman
    Damen Auguste (yay for Alyson Noel!)
    Dillon Tristan
    Nicholas Andrew
    Lysander Lorcan (Way to go Luna. (I mean JKR)

    My mom thinks I'm nuts too and doesn't even know half of the list She just knows the half that doesn't have Harry Potter references.

    Way to go Name loving teens!

    *I don't know if you noticed but, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Harry Potter.
    "It's not about the meaning of the name, it's about the person giving it a meaning."

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