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  • Sawyer Quinn

    7 36.84%
  • Ethan Parker

    12 63.16%
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    names to go with blake & nicholas - poll

    So we have 2 boys, Blake is 6 and Nicholas is 4. I'm 16 weeks pregnant with our 3rd (sex is unknown for another couple of weeks!) and I think we're settled on a girls name (Chloe Serena) but need help deciding a boys name. Please vote and help us decide!!

    Our last name starts with "R" and rhymes with "premiere".

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    Re: names to go with blake & nicholas - poll

    I voted for Ethan Parker. I think Ethan is a great name, and even though some people might be swayed by its popularity right now, it's one of those names that hasn't been overused for generations (like Michael) so you don't hear it everywhere and yet it is still timeless and a classic.
    I'm not as big of a fan of Parker, though, and I think the surname trend is bound to feel dated by the time he's an adult. Also, the R at the end of Parker will run into your last name.
    Ethan Quinn has a nice ring to it, though I fear Quinn might be a bit feminine.

    Some other suggestions:
    Ethan Isaac
    Ethan James
    Ethan Jahred
    Ethan Paul
    Ethan Samuel
    Ethan Philip
    Ethan Solomon
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    Re: names to go with blake & nicholas - poll

    I don't like Ethan at all, it reminds me of ether, an early form of anaesthetic.

    Sawyer is a bit wild west for me and neither match the classiness of Nicholas and the style of Blake.

    Here are a few name ideas.

    James or Jameson
    Psalm 23

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    Re: names to go with blake & nicholas - poll

    I voted for Sawyer but I also like Ethan a lot. I love Chloe too!

    Good luck

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    Re: names to go with blake & nicholas - poll

    I think Ethan is very handsome. Sawyer has a great sound, but I think it is going to get really trendy. Ethan is so popular, but it has more of a classic sound.

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