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    Re: Thirteen Kids (and counting..?)!

    My name is Ave-Lia Ida. I'm studying Photography at university. I have Brunette hair and Green eyes. In my second year, I meet and start dating Dane Steven, a History major with Light blonde hair and blue eyes.

    After four years of dating, we get married. Our wedding is in the town where we met and our honeymoon is in Italy. We buy a big home in Saugatuck Michigan, on the lake.

    I become pregnant 6 months after getting married. It's a boy! He looks just like his dad, so I want to honor that in either his first or middle name.
    Son 1: Leo Dane (dad's hair, dad's eyes)

    Right after my son is born, I try for another child, but with no luck. When Leo is nearly 3, I undergo fertility treatments and soon become pregnant with triplets! It's two girls and one boy. I decide to give them nature middle names.
    Daughter 1: Celestia Ruby (dad's eyes, blonde hair):
    Daughter 2: Carlotta Pearl (brown eyes, brunette hair):
    Son 2: Chester Brook (one blue one green eye, blonde hair):

    My first son is now 5, my triplets are 2, and I want more kids! Thankfully, it doesn't take much to get pregnant this time, and a little baby girl is born. My husband wants her to have your name as her middle name.
    Daughter 3: Marcella Ave-Lia (Brunette hair, blue eyes)

    Now my first son is 7, the triplets are 4, and my third daughter is 1. You decide to have one more, but again you are having problems getting pregnant. I adopt 4-month-old twin siblings from the country of Italy. They are a boy and a girl. You decide to keep their original names as middle names.
    Adopted boy: Marco Quintino (Black hair, Hazel eyes)
    Adopted girl: Dafne Ofelia (Black hair, Hazel eyes)

    My son is now 8, my triplets are 5, my third daughter is 2 and my adopted twins are 1. So I have seven kids in total. For some strange reason, I desire to have more kids. I really want to be pregnant again, so I go through the trouble of having fertility treatments again.

    I finally become pregnant when my son is 10, my triplets are 7, my third daughter is 4 and my twins are 3. I become pregnant with sextuplets this time!
    Sext. boy 1 (dad's hair, mom's eyes): Weston Devin
    Sext. boy 2 (dad's hair, blue eyes): Karch Jackson
    Sext. boy 3 (brown hair, dad's eyes): John William
    Sext. girl 1 (mom's hair, mom's eyes): Sabrina Rosetta
    Sext. girl 2 (blonde hair, blue eyes): Silvia Nella
    Sext. girl 3 (dad's hair, dad's eyes): Wanda Violetta

    That's enough, no more kids! The rooms in your (enormous) home are made up like this:

    Room 1: Leo and Chester
    Room 2: Celestia 'Tia' and Carlotta 'Lottie'
    Room 3: Marcella 'Zella' and Dafne
    Room 4: Marco and John
    Room 5: Karch and Weston
    Room 6: Sabrina, Silvia, and Wanda
    Room 7: Playroom for older kids
    Room 8: Playroom for younger kids

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