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    My daughters' names

    I have two daughters.

    My oldest daughter is named Lauryn Brooke. She was named this simply because I loved the name Lauren but wanted her to have a Y like I do in my name. Also, all the girls in my family have "y's" in their name. My dh would not let me use my favorite name (Natalie) so Lauryn was a close 2nd. Dh loved it as well so it was the obvious choice for her first name. Brooke he chose and I agreed to it because we liked the Br sound with the first name- and it was different from Nicole, Elizabeth, and Ashley which are so overused with the name Lauren.

    Our second daughter was much harder to name. We really didn't like any names on each other's lists- and originally dh veto'ed all family names. One name that we both liked was the name Beth- however we have a one syllable last name and Beth sounded too flat with it. I love the name Elizabeth but dh didn't. So we finally settled on Bethany- a huge compromise for me. I wanted something that sounded more trendy like Lauryn but we just couldn't agree on anything. For her middle name, we chose to honor his Mom and gave her the middle name Rose. Of course, now it is overused (my Bethany Rose is 11)- but we loved it with Bethany and she turned out to look a lot like the grandmother for whom she was named! At first everytime I heard the name Bethany I would think of Great Aunt Bethany from National Lampoon's- now when I hear it I think of my beautiful little girl.

    Those are my childrens' names and how they were chosen. If we had ever had another daughter her name would be Brenna. Since I only got to choose one out of the three names for our first two girls I would have choosen Catherine for her middle name- Brenna Catherine. But we had no more babies.

    Our boy's name both times was Matthew.

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    Re: My daughters' names

    I think Lauryn and Bethany make great names for sisters!

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