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    Re: Natalie and Nathaniel?

    I love Henry Nathaniel, and Nathaniel Henry, too! :-) Natalie and Nathaniel would be too close for me to use as brother and sister middles, but if it doesn't bother you, that's what matters. Like someone already mentioned (Ah! I can't recall who!), they'll be middle names, so it's not as though you'll be calling out Nate and Nattie nicknames.

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Natalie and Nathaniel?

    Thanks for all your helpful input. I guess the main thing I should keep in mind is who knows if I will have a boy next, if there will even be an opportunity to have a Henry! I should probably just stay focused on what to name my daughter regardless of future siblings. I really need to figure out how important it is to my husband and m-i-l to give our daughter an "n" middle name. She will definitely have the Hebrew name of her great aunt whom we are naming her for.

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