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    Fix the starbaby name game

    Here's a new game where one person takes a celebrity's baby name and the next person has to make it more normal/acceptable/easy to say but keep the same theme or meaning.

    For example, if someone picked Vivienne Marcheline, then the person 'fixing' it would have to pick something french and/or with a V, Z or X (because we know how the Jolie-Pitts love those letters). The same would apply if they had named their child after a TV character, place, flower etc and you have to stick to their theme.

    So I'll start by putting BANDIT LEE WAY (Girl) on the table.
    Fix that.

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    Re: Fix the starbaby name game

    Fixed Name: BRIDGET LEILA WAVERLY, I chose that because the names start with the same letters and are pretty close in sound. Next name to fix:


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    Re: Fix the starbaby name game

    Zuma Nesta Rock (Looks like a girls name doesnt it?)

    I looked up what the Zuma and Nesta are about (a place name and Bob Marley's MN) and came up with...
    London (where Gavin Rossdale is from) Rocco Marley.

    Next: Sparrow James Midnight

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    Re: Fix the starbaby name game

    Sparrow James Midnight

    We will go for::

    Sterling - Because it stays with the letter S and it isnt really a common first name
    Justin - Because it is still a normal name and starts with a J
    Mitchell - Because it starts with an M and it is normal. Unlike Midnight.

    Next name::

    Little Pixie

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    Re: Fix the starbaby name game

    Little Trixie -> Teagan Beatrix

    Teagan : for it's meaning, little poet, which connects both to the original name and to the fact that her father is a songwriter (among other things); also for its Irish roots which match the roots of her father
    Beatrix : obviously, taking a fuller version of nicknamey name Trixie

    Dusti Raine

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