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    Middle name for Abigail

    I found out today that I'm expecting another beautiful baby girl in March/April :)

    We have decided on the name Abigail for her, however no middle name springs to mind at the moment. Rose seems to go well, but its my MIL middle name. Thats not a bad thing, but we dont want to be seen favouring one grandma over the other if you know what I mean.

    Any ideas? Abby will be a sister to Sage Emily (2). Our last name is Turner and we are Australian and tend to pronouce it Turn-ah rather than Turn-er


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    Re: Middle name for Abigail

    Rose is very pretty, but seen to be rather bland in the middle. Here's a few options. (and congratulations! :) I'm going to add some names with a nature feel to compliment Sage's name.

    Abigail Maeve
    Abigail Rain
    Abigail Reese
    Abigail Frost
    Abigail Wren
    Abigail Fleur
    Abigail Delphine
    Abigail Violet
    Abigail Arden
    Abigail Blair
    Abigail Bryn
    Abigail Brooke
    Abigail Daphne
    Abigail Iris
    Abigail Kerr
    Abigail Lee
    Abigail Lynn
    Abigail Maren
    Abigail Pearl
    Abigail Ruby
    Abigail Shaw

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    Re: Middle name for Abigail

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    Re: Middle name for Abigail

    Love Ricamaca's Abigail Maeve and Etoile's idea of Abigail Camryn.

    I always wanted to be named after one of my relatives, so I think Abigail Rose would have a lot of meaning.
    Abigail is such a popular name, but I really love it. Rose is a very popular middle name.
    If your mother has a name that could be paired with Rose, you could name your baby after both her grandmas. If your mom is named Ann, Lynn, Mary, etc., the middle name could be Rosanna, Rosalyn, or Rosemary. Or if your own grandma has any of those names, then both sides of the family could be honored.
    More ideas:
    Abigail Anne - I love the simplicity of this.
    Abigail Bea
    Abigail Blythe
    Abigail Carys - I love this one! This is one of my favorites.
    Abigail Claire - Love this so much!
    Abigail Constance
    Abigail Eve
    Abigail Faith
    Abigail Faye
    Abigail Frances
    Abigail Honor
    Abigail Hope - Puritan
    Abigail Kate - this one is my favorite on my list.
    Abigail Mary - It's time for Mary to come back. So simple and good like pure vanilla. Hmmm, I love this one.
    Abigail Patience
    Abigail Plum - so cute!
    Abigail Rowan
    Abigail Paige
    Abigail Sage
    Abigail Tess
    Abigail Violet - serene
    Abigail Willow - even more serene
    Abigail Zoe - very spunky, fun!

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    Re: Middle name for Abigail

    I grew up naming doll after doll Abigail Claire, I thought it was so perfect and still do!

    Sage Emily and Abigail Claire T

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