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    Re: sister for Isla Hope

    First of all, Isla Hope is lovely!

    Marin/Maren/Marina, possible nn Marni* - I once met a girl named Marni. It's cute, but can't say I'm crazy about it. Marina just sounds like, well, a boat marina. Marin I've run into as both a last name and Marin county in CA which is huge (not that that means anything). Anywho, I can't get behind this one.

    Freya* - Pretty. But if you're dh's worried about Calla, isn't this closer sounding to Isla than the others? They might sound like matchy-matchy twins if you go this route.

    Gemma* - Cute!

    Cleo/Clio* - Objectively, I think it does really suit Isla. Sadly, though, I have to go with dh. I can't quite dispel Miss Cleo from my head.

    Ester/Esther* - A classic. Though I'm fonder of Hester myself.

    Calla* - Lovely!

    Hazel - Pretty and suitable.

    Anabel* - Underused name. I especially like Amabel.

    Camille* - Pretty and refined. A definite match for Isla.

    Aster - Maybe a little too whimsical?

    Naomi - Pretty, but it doesn't seem as exotic as Isla.

    Eliza - One of my all time favorites! But I think there are others that would match Isla better.

    Audrey - I agree with you. Too popular. Which is a SHAME because it's perfectly strong, feminine and graceful.


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    Re: sister for Isla Hope

    I've sat here thinking about this like the procrastinator I am.

    Since so far Camille is my favorite, let's start with the Classics:

    Isla & Cecily
    Isla & Claire
    Isla & Corinne (RIN not REEN)
    Isla & Florence
    Isla & Frances
    Isla & Josephine
    Isla & Rosalind

    The slightly Exotic:

    Isla & Amelie
    Isla & Anais
    Isla & Esme
    Isla & Imogen
    Isla & Isobel
    Isla & Marguerite
    Isla & Paloma - This could fit under nature too.

    A touch of the Fanciful:

    Isla & Elspeth
    Isla & Fiona
    Isla & Juliet
    Isla & Mirabel

    If you want to match Nature elements:

    Isla & Ceres
    Isla & Clover
    Isla & Laurel
    Isla & Marigold
    Isla & Violet

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