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    sister for Isla Hope

    Hello All! I am new to nameberry, but am finding it very fun & insightful! I saw today the blog post about all of your top 10 favorite names and saw that Isla was on a lot of lists, so I thought you might enjoy this naming challenge!

    My dd is 9mo old Isla Hope, and she's as pretty as a picture, stops traffic sort of baby who has been walking since 8 1/2 months and is just the cat's pajamas! She's so much fun, we are working on another!!

    If we have a boy next, he'll be Grant William (William is dh's mn, and his father's name - and it's sort of cool b/c Hope was my middle name and I gave it to Isla, so he's going to give William to Grant.)

    We are pretty perplexed though on a girl's name. So here is our current list, I will * those that I like, but have yet to sell dh on. That doesn't rule it out in my book though, he didn't like Isla at first either!

    My current Favorites:

    Marin/Maren/Marina, possible nn Marni* - I'm really excited about this one, but dh is being stubborn about it.
    Cleo/Clio* - dh really hates this one, reminds him of tv psychic, also we have a male sheep named Cleo, but I love it and think it goes great with Isla
    Calla* - dh thinks this is too close to Isla sound-wise, plus his ex's ln was callahan so he thinks that's too close. *eye rolling*
    Audrey (this is dh's favorite but I'm not into it, I used to love it but feel it's too popular and doesn't go quite right right Isla)

    lol, not many names on this list dh DOES like! Well, what do you all think?

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    Re: sister for Isla Hope

    I really love the name Isla!

    Marin/Maren/Marina, possible nn Marni-- I really like Marina, but I think some of your other choices go better with Isla.

    Freya-- I'm not personally a fan (it makes me think of something fraying) but it's a nice name

    Gemma-- This is really nice!

    Cleo/Clio-- I really like Clio, and it does go well with Isla!

    Ester/Esther-- I don't like it at all; it sounds lispy to me

    Calla-- It is really close to Isla, since they both have the -la ending...

    Hazel-- I really like this with Isla!

    Anabel-- I love it spelled Annabel, and I think it's really nice with Isla

    Camille-- This is nice, too

    Aster-- Not really a fan...

    Naomi-- I love this, especially with Isla!

    Eliza-- It sounds way too similar to Isla

    Audrey-- This is nice, but I like others on the list better

    I love Naomi, Annabel, Clio, and Hazel. My favorite would have to be Isla and Naomi, I think they make a great pair!

    Here are some others:

    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: sister for Isla Hope

    I LOVE Grant William and Isla Hope magic naming by you. Well done.

    Aster and Isla is nice but not wow.

    Camille is nice but with Isla there seem to be too many "l's".

    Marin is pretty and keeps the sea/island theme.

    I would never give a child a name that says No or Nay eg Naomi.

    I like Calista but it will probably be ditched if DH's ex had this kind of name.


    Alicia and Isla
    Kate and Isla
    Tessa and Isla
    Chloe and Isla, not sold on Cleo
    Juliet and Isla
    Belle and Isla
    Maeve and Isla
    Deidre and Isla
    Lucinda and Isla, Lucinda Caroline (or Joy meaning of Caroline)
    Miranda and Isla
    Cressida and Isla
    Bridget and Isla
    Julia and Isla
    Psalm 23

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    Re: sister for Isla Hope

    I love your baby girl's name, and your description of her made me smile. :-) She's sounds like such a sweetheart. :-)

    I think that Grant William is very handsome, by the way.

    From your girls' names, I think that Camille really captures Isla's exotic-yet-familiar feel.

    Some more you may like (and I apologize for not paying closer attention to the previous suggestions):

    Aveline (Irish name)
    Genevieve (nn Evie)
    Penelope (nn Poppy or Nell)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: sister for Isla Hope

    Marin/Maren/Marina, possible nn Marni*: I know a lovely Marin, and think the name works well with Isla.

    Freya*: I unfortunately think of frayed fabric, but I know that a lot of people really love this name.

    Gemma*: I think it's beautiful and can see it with Isla, too. I wonder if it may be mistaken with Jenna. Hmm...

    Cleo/Clio* : I love it (and as a nickname for Clementine), but if you have a sheep named Cleo, I think I'd go with something else.

    What about Cora?

    Ester/Esther*: I think some of your more exotic names work better with Isla.

    Calla*: I really love this name, but I know I'd personally mix it up with Isla, calling her Cisla (with a hard C) if I were calling them both to dinner.

    Hazel: I love this name so much, I can better see some of your other names with Isla. Hazel feels a lot mustier to me than the frillier Isla.

    Anabel* I love the name Annabelle/Annabel, but with only one N, I'd pronounce it Onna-bel, as opposed to Anna-bell, which may be what you're going for.

    Camille*: I think this name is AMAZING, and I love it with Isla.

    Aster: I think it's beautiful, but I'd personally worry about "a$$" teasing because of the name's beginning. Also, if you add a D to the end, which I can see kids doing, it sounds like two not very nice words.

    Naomi: I think it's really pretty, but I can better see some other names, like Camille, with Isla.

    Eliza: I LOVE this name, too, but it's too close to Isla to me because of the long I.

    Audrey: I think it's so pretty, but I'm with you! I can better see some of the other names with Audrey.

    I really love your list! :-)

    Good luck!

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