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    middle name for Paisley

    I plan on naming my daughter Paisley, but can't decide on a middle name. I was thinking about Jo, which is my middle name, but I don't know if that sounds good together. Any ideas?

    Also, I'm curious to see what people think about the name Paisley.

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    Re: middle name for Paisley

    Paisely isn't my style but if I were naming my daughter Paisely, some mn options I think sound good are (and I don't know your style here so sorry if I miss it completely. I tried to encompass a lot of different styles:)...
    Paisely Rebecca
    Paisely Lauren
    Paisely Josephine
    Paisely Anne (when you really don't know what else goes:)
    Paisely Louise
    Paisely Grace (popular)
    Paisely Rose (very popular)
    Paisely Lorraine
    Paisely Ruth

    I don't think that Paisely Jo has the best flow.

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    Re: middle name for Paisley

    Paisley Jo has a real country bumpkin connotation to me. I'm from the South and I love it, but I don't know if that's the best impression to give in a name IYKWIM? I would go with something else for the mn. (Unfortunately I'm not that confident at giving suggestions but I'm sure one of the other members will think of something gorgeous.)

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    Re: middle name for Paisley

    I prefer Paisley Rebecca (using your 1st name) to Paisley Jo. I think Paisley needs another feminine, but a little bit traditional name to back it up. Here's some more ideas.

    Paisley Alexandra
    Paisley Olivia
    Paisley Anais -- love this one
    Paisley Annabel
    Paisley Carolina
    Paisley Arabella
    Paisley Celeste -- gorgeous imo
    Paisley Claudette
    Paisley Contina
    Paisley Cristina
    Paisley Destiny
    Paisley Diane -- pretty!
    Paisley Eloise
    Paisley June -- love it!
    Paisley Gabriella
    Paisley Irene
    Paisley Jennifer
    Paisley Juliet
    Paisley Lynnette -- love it!
    Paisley Melissa
    Paisley Marie
    Paisley Mireille
    Paisley Odessa
    Paisley Pearl
    Paisley Rayne
    Paisley Sabine
    Paisley Tatiana
    Paisley Yasmine
    Paisley Yvonne - love it!

    Paisley definitely shouldn't go with a noun name b/c it will sound like it's describing that name (eg Paisley Rose). I don't love Paisley, but I can see it's appeal

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    Re: middle name for Paisley

    Here are my suggestions!

    Paisley Aveline
    Paisley Ellen
    Paisley Faith (a name word, but it doesn't make any sense...)
    Paisley Maude
    Paisley Wren

    Good Luck!

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