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    Elsie, Isla and Hero...

    What do you think of those for 3 sisters? Do you prefer Elsie and Isla or Lily and Isla? Either would be short for Eulalie. Then Hero (from Much Ado About Nothing) or Indigo for the 3rd sister? Or swap any for Prairie, Coralie, Scarlett or Adelais (ad-uh-lay)?
    And what about brothers from Alfie, Jacob, Jesse, Micah, Oliver..? Or any other suggestions?

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    Re: Elsie, Isla and Hero...

    I LOVE Hero but I think it's a bit out of place with sisters Lily, Isla and Elsie. I can see Hero and Wren together though...

    I think the best sib-sets from your list are:

    Lily, Elsie and Isla (they don't need to be short for anything, in my opinion)

    Coralie, Scarlett and Adelais

    Alfie and Oliver

    Jacob, Jesse and Micah

    You're names are really sweet:)

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    Re: Elsie, Isla and Hero...

    Hero is one of my all time favorite names, but I agree with the previous poster that it doesn't go with Lily, Isla, or Elsie. Hero would need to go with something equally special and unusual, which I can't think of right now.

    What about having Hero being a nickname for a longer name? Like Hermione? I could see Hermione and Eulalie being sisters. Just an idea!!!

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