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    Siblings for Raphael

    My DS is Raphael Cyrus Peregrine - out of curiosity, as I normally simply ask people for their opinion on names that DH and I have already shortlisted, what would you name any siblings? We live in England (that seems to make a difference sometimes).

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Siblings for Raphael

    A quick brainstorm and I land on Phineas and Marigold, but I'm likely to change my mind within the hour... ^^
    I really wanted to pick a Rosemary for the girl for some reason, but I don't like siblings having the same initial...

    edit: I already changed my mind: Beatrix/Beatrice/Beatriz for the girl... XD I think Phineas get's to live a little longer though...

    Edit 2: I just realised what I did: I subconsciously matched the ae/ea parts of the names! XD I have to think again.....

    Okay, Primrose and Caspian I think...

    Edit 3: I changed my mind again... Primrose and Thaddeus.
    Thaddeus is awesome!
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    Re: Siblings for Raphael

    Monet? haha!

    I like Dimitri and Frances (:

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    Re: Siblings for Raphael

    Thank you all for your replies!

    And thank you Jill, I'm doing just fine, despite being a little tired; I fear that all of my recent posts are probably riddled with spelling errors! Raffy's brilliant, and he's really rather a good baby, so I've been able to garner more and more time to come here recently. (At the moment I'm actually meant to be making favours for my brother's wedding, but I just can't get my mind off names!)

    You may have heard from some of my other posts that DH and I are continuing with the adoption that we had to postpone due to my pregnancy, and so it's a little hectic around here. The little girl and boy are coming to stay with us tomorrow, until Friday, and if it all goes well they may be living with us in as little as a month! Which brings me back, yet again, to the difficult business of naming children.

    They are three and a half and fifteen months, and so I normally wouldn't consider re-naming them, but they were named Baby (by their biological mother) and Jontee (by the social workers) respectively, and so we really feel it is necessary to make them feel a bigger part of the family. Besides, one of the very first times we met Baby, we witnessed her being teased because of her name - imagine what it will be like as she gets older!

    Now, I am going to have a look through all of your wonderful suggestions!

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