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    You Have an Evil Twin! (Nephele's Anagrams)

    This name-anagram thread is inspired by a topic by Christy titled: "Surprisingly Popular Twin Names." Christy went to the SSA website's page for "Popular Names for Twins," discovering some combinations that can only make one wonder: What were the parents thinking?

    We're talking about twins' names that rhyme, look similar to each other, etc. for the sake of "cute matching twins." Or matching bookends.

    On the other hand... Perhaps one twin in each of those "just plain bad" pairings was aptly named? We've seen plenty of "evil twin" stories in television sitcoms, so perhaps now we know where all those evil twins come from...

    If you would like to know the name of your own evil twin through the magic of anagramming, simply give me your first and middle names. Or, if you prefer to keep your first and middle names private, then just scramble the letters of both names together -- but give me your initials so that I don't inadvertently give you back your original name as your anagram.

    I will then anagram your first and middle names to produce the first and middle names of your evil twin.

    If your evil twin's initials match your own, then you will know that you have got an exceptionally evil twin.>-i-dream.jpg

    -- Nephele

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