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    Survey for those with "dated names" for their age group

    For those with names that were falling out of fashion when you were born, what did you think of your name? Did you like, dislike, or were/are indifferent about having a name that is more associated with your parents' or grandparents' generation than yours? Do you think there are any problems (in general) with using a name that was more common in recent decades past than now for a baby? (I know Pam and Linda have had blog posts against the use of such names.)

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    Re: Survey for those with "dated names" for their age group

    I have a typical 80's 90's (Kelly) name which is when i was born, and actually decided to change my name to a more dated name, Charlotte. I get all the time, that's a grandma name, it's so old. But i personally like it ten times better and think it fits me better too rather then being 1 of 50 Kellys, Amandas, Ashleys, and Brittanys.

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    Re: Survey for those with "dated names" for their age group

    I'm a Lisa born in 1991. My name was epidemically popular in the 1960's and 1970's when my parents were kids. They gave both my sister and I names from their generation (her name is Robin). I've never minded having a name that was associated with my parent's generation. The only thing I did encounter were that a ton of my friend's had moms named Lisa. So Lisa was a "mom" name. But you know what, I'd much rather have a "mom" name than be one of a million Sarahs, Jennifers, Brittanys and Jessicas that are my age. I was always the only Lisa in my class. And I like my name now. It's grown-up and doesn't label me as a nineties kid.
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    Re: Survey for those with "dated names" for their age group

    I'm a Clyde, and I was born in '89, so I was a kid with a Grandpa's name, specifically I was given my Grandpa's brother's name. When I was really little, as in elementary school I wasn't that crazy about my name. Pretty much every boy in my class was named Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, or Joseph. So to be in a sea of Mikes, Matts, Chrises, Joshs, and Joeys, and to be Clyde was a little awkward. But I did like the fact I never had to write Clyde W. on my papers.

    But as I get older I appreciate it more and more every year. I really like the fact that I'm the only Clyde people my age know. I feel like my name is uncommon enough that I'm the only one, but not so unique people raise their eyebrows and ask if that's even a real name. Everyone has heard of Clyde even if they don't know another, and to me that's the perfect kind of name.

    So to give your kid a dated name, well they might complain about it when they're young. We all just want to fit in when we're little, but when your child is an adult they're going to thank you for their uncommon, but not unusual name. And really that's what you're naming when you give a baby a name: not the child, but the adult they'll one day be. I love my name, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

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