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    Sister for future Henry?

    I don't have any children yet (nor am I anywhere near married, so can't discuss names with any guy!), but I love names! I am dead-set on naming my first son Henry Albus (Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife, Albus from Harry Potter =] ) but whenever I have a daughter, I'm at a loss! I can't seem to find a name that stands up to Henry.
    I'd really like to stick with having literary names, including one from Harry Potter. The only girl's name I love as much as Henry is Emma, but I named a character in my books that so I don't think I can bring myself to name a daughter Emma.

    I'm not so affected by a name's popularity unless I know too many personally (but Isabella is out!), and I prefer shorter names that are classic(and literary). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance =)

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    Re: Sister for future Henry?

    Our nameberry friend has a Henry, a Dorothy, and will have twins of Matilda and Eloise soon, they are all brilliant with Henry.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Sister for future Henry?

    Literary names with Henry:

    Amelia (Bedelia)
    Beatrix (Potter)
    Blythe (Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables
    Caroline (Little House on the Prairie)
    Cordelia (Shakespeare)
    Charlotte (Charlotte's Web)
    Eliza (My Fair Lady, based on the play Pygmalion)
    Eloise (Eloise)
    Juliet (Shakespeare)
    Josephine (Little Women)
    Lucy (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
    Louisa (Alcott)
    Miranda (Shakespeare)
    Matilda (Matilda)
    Rose (Little House on the Prairie)
    Rosalie (Twilight, which I haven't read)
    Rosalind (Shakespeare)
    Tamsin (nickname for Thomasina in Return of the Native)
    Thomasina (Three Lives of Thomasina and Return of the Native)
    Violet (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Sister for future Henry?

    There's always Jane, as in Austen and Bronte's Jane Eyre. (I have a Jane and a Henry myself!)

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    Re: Sister for future Henry?

    I know - I love Henry so much, too!
    Henry and Alice - love it so much! I know a brother and sister with these names.
    Henry and Beatrice
    Henry and Clara - love!
    Henry and Claire
    Henry and Eliza - this one is great!
    Henry and Evelyn
    Henry and Flora
    Henry and Georgia
    Henry and Grace
    Henry and Josephine
    Henry and Lucy - love this one, too!
    Henry and Margaret nn Maisie - love it!
    Henry and Matilda - love
    Henry and Nora
    Henry and Pippa
    Henry and Rose
    Henry and Susannah
    Henry and Veronica

    If Gladys ever comes back in style, and I think it will sooner than we could imagine:
    then Gladys would be cute. Only use it if you live in the coolest part of Manhattan and you are super hip. Then MAYBE you could pull it off. But I doubt it. Definitely in five years or ten years.

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