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    9th Grade (Name a class + pictures and personalities)

    Your name is: (you choose)
    You teach: (you choose)
    1. Psychology
    2. English
    3. Geography
    4. P.E.
    5. Physics
    6. French


    Barry (Ulysses, Azaiah, Clemens, Faxon, Alex, Jonas)
    Chambers (Percy, Hunter, Giovanni, Phelan, Wilder, Ashton)
    Chan (Kimberly, Dakota, Savannah, Abigail, Lulu, Pandora)
    Cunningham (Stanford, Hazel, Kyros, Wolf, George, Harry)
    Dickerson (Dugan, Alex, Tane, Eamon, Wesley, Kaden)
    Elliott (Hannah, Pollie, Shirley, Zoe, Anne, Leoni)
    Erickson (Colin, Tyler, Fergus, Amos, Declan, Dexter)
    Ford (Nori, Maude, Morning, Fiona, Dana, Chloe) }twins
    Ford (Millie, Maeve, Doris, Flower, Nadia, Celine) }twins
    Hartman (Vance, Clyde, Niall, Leland, Lionel, Chace)
    Huber (Adelaide, Charlotte, Madeleine, Cordelia, Alice, Elizabeth)
    Huynh (Paavo, Carlsen, Vega, Aden, Braedon, Friedrich)
    Kirk (Banner, Andreas, Micah, Sirius, Simon, Quentin)
    Landry (Rowan, Alaska, Verity, Louise, Lavender, Thisbe)
    Long (Amita, Sarai, Lucia, Olive, Zofia, Reagan)
    Nichols (Asa, Oswald, Finnigan, Nathan, Nikhil, Isaac)
    Owens (Quinn, Winter, Echo, Ruth, Tamsin, Yvette)
    Sharp (Bravery, Jonathan, Charles, Patrick, Jixon, Ira)
    Spence (Charlene, Erika, Filippa, Emma, Edith, Femke)
    Vasquez (Romilly, Sarah, Lou, Wren, Bathsheba, Sky)

    Personalities: (each belongs to each student, no repeats)
    1. full of potential, self-confident and independent
    2. weird, lonely and introvert
    3. intelligent, outgoing, athletic
    4. cheerful, fearless, bold
    5. helpful, coarse, brilliant
    6. inspirational, sensitive, ambitious,
    7. spontaneous, adventurous, naive,
    8. rebellious, cruel, devious,
    9. kindly, brilliant, industrious,
    10. eccentric, generous, sly
    11. bold, brilliant, carefree
    12. brilliant, easy-going, dependable
    13. courageous, adventurous, foolish
    14. optimistic, industrious, shy
    15. overbearing, wise, reckless
    16. foolish, sly, depressed
    17. selfish, naive, easy-going
    18. restless, naive, shy
    19. charming, rebellious, fearless
    20. charming, optimistic, compassionate

    Pictures (you choose which picture is which student)


    For the twin girls you choose from:


    Ida Winifred ☼ Freya Altalune ☼ Una Severine
    Zinnia Raven ☼ Yara Sunflower ☼ Saskia Rue ☼ Leda Garland ☼ Gaia Esme ☼ Junia Eden ☼ Helene Tulia
    Roman Makhi ☼ Dorian Everett ☼ Holden Ezra
    Sven Ruben ☼ Lars Jarek ☼ Iker Dante ☼ Luca Mattias ☼ Bastian Arrow ☼ Aslan Jens ☼Julian Saturn ☼ Yannick Florian

    On my mind: Lina ☼ Eva ☼ Lucia ☼ Indigo ☼ Venice ☼ Verona

    Whole list:

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    Your name is: Miss Isabella Connelly
    You teach: Geography


    Alex Barry - cheerful, fearless, bold

    Ashton Chambers - overbearing, wise, reckless

    Abigail Chan - charming, optimistic, compassionate

    Harry Cunningham - intelligent, outgoing, athletic

    Alex Dickerson - foolish, sly, depressed

    Zoe Elliott - helpful, coarse, brilliant

    Declan Erickson - weird, lonely and introvert

    Chloe Ford - bold, brilliant, carefree

    Millie Ford - brilliant, easy-going, dependable

    Chace Hartman - selfish, naive, easy-going

    Charlotte-Alice Huber - optimistic, industrious, shy

    Braedon Huynh - spontaneous, adventurous, naive

    Simon Kirk - charming, rebellious, fearless

    Verity Landry - restless, naive, shy

    Zofia Long - full of potential, self-confident and independent

    Isaac Nichols - kindly, brilliant, industrious

    Ruth Owens - inspirational, sensitive, ambitious

    Charles "Charlie" Sharp - courageous, adventurous, foolish

    Erika Spence - rebellious, cruel, devious

    Wren Vasquez - eccentric, generous, sly
    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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    Your name is: Mrs. Johanna Nicole Minkus
    You teach: English

    Alex Ulysses Barry (intelligent, outgoing, athletic)
    Hunter Ashton Chambers (kindly, brilliant, industrious)
    Abigail Dakota Chan "Abi" (restless, naive, shy)
    Harry Wolf Cunningham (spontaneous, adventurous, naive)
    Alex Wesley Dickerson (courageous, adventurous, foolish)
    Hannah Leoni Elliott (brilliant, easy-going, dependable)
    Tyler Amos Erickson (charming, rebellious, fearless)
    Dana Morning Ford (cheerful, fearless, bold)
    Celine Flower Ford (optimistic, industrious, shy)
    Chace Leland Hartman (eccentric, generous, sly)
    Elizabeth Adelaide Huber "Liza" (bold, brilliant, carefree)
    Braedon Vega Huynh (rebellious, cruel, devious)
    Simon Andreas Kirk (foolish, sly, depressed)
    Rowan Thisbe Landry (weird, lonely, & introvert)
    Sarai Lucia Long (selfish, naive, easy-going)
    Isaac Finnigan Nichols (overbearing, wise, reckless)
    Echo Ruth Owens (inspirational, sensitive, ambitious)
    Jonathan Bravery Sharp "Jon" (charming, optimistic, compassionate)
    Erika Filippa Spence (helpful, coarse, brilliant)
    Sarah Lou Vasquez (full of potential, self-confident and independent )

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    Your name is: Jane Augusta Mansfield
    You teach: Physics


    1. Jonas Faxon Barry, restless, naive, shy,
    2. Percy Wilder Chambers, spontaneous, adventurous, naive,
    3. Pandora Abigail Chan, kindly, brilliant, industrious,
    4. George Stanford Cunningham, optimistic, industrious, shy,
    5. Eamon Wesley Dickerson, weird, lonely and introvert,
    6. Anne Shirley Elliott, courageous, adventurous, foolish,
    7. Amos Dexter Erickson, inspirational, sensitive, ambitious,
    8. Fiona Maude Ford twin, helpful, coarse, brilliant,
    9. Maeve Celine Ford twin, brilliant, easy-going, dependable,
    10. Vance Niall Hartman, selfish, naive, easy-going,
    11. Adelaide Alice Huber, charming, rebellious, fearless,
    12. Carlsen Paavo Huynh, rebellious, cruel, devious,
    13. Simon Quentin Kirk, bold, brilliant, carefree,
    14. Louise Rowan Landry, charming, optimistic, compassionate,
    15. Zofia Olive Long, intelligent, outgoing, athletic,
    16. Finnigan Isaac Nichols, foolish, sly, depressed,
    17. Ruth Tamsin Owens, eccentric, generous, sly,
    18. Charles Patrick Sharp, cheerful, fearless, bold,
    19. Edith Charlene Spence, full of potential, self-confident and independent,
    20. Wren Romilly Vasquez, overbearing, wise, reckless,

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    Name: Miss Lara Ivy Black.
    Subject: English

    Alex Jonas Barry
    Rebellious, cruel, devious

    Ashton Hunter Chambers (Ash)
    Intelligent, outgoing, athletic

    Savannah Abigail Chan (Annie)
    Full of potential, self-confident and independent

    Harry George Cunningham
    Bold, brilliant, carefree

    Kaden Alex Dickerson
    Foolish, sly, depressed

    Zoe Hannah Elliott
    Brilliant, easy-going, dependable

    Fergus Declan Erickson
    Charming, optimistic, compassionate

    Chloe Fiona Ford - Maeve's twin
    Restless, naive, shy (on the right)

    Maeve Celine Ford - Chloe's twin
    Inspirational, sensitive, ambitious (on the left)

    Niall Chace Hartman
    Weird, lonely and introvert

    Alice Elizabeth Huber
    Selfish, naive, easy-going

    Braedon Friedrich Huynh
    Eccentric, generous, sly

    Siruis Quentin Kirk
    Courageous, adventurous, foolish

    Rowan Alaska Landry
    Spontaneous, adventurous, naive

    Lucia Sarai Long
    Overbearing, wise, reckless

    Isaac Asa Nichols
    Optimistic, industrious, shy

    Quinn Winter Owens
    Charming, rebellious, fearless

    Charles Patrick Sharp (Charlie)
    Cheerful, fearless, bold

    Emma Edith Spence
    Kindly, brilliant, industrious

    Sky Sarah Vasquez
    Helpful, coarse, brilliant
    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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