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    Re: Twins starting with the same letter...

    For me twins and siblings need their own individual initial.

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    Re: Twins starting with the same letter...

    I think its ok to use the same initials once the names are very different eg Samuel and Sophie. I'm not a fan of Max or Madison but I think Sarah and Seth are nice. Then there is the issue if you have another baby after the twins, will you carry on the theme. But if you love the names and they just happen to have same initial and you dont have a problem with it, just go for it:)

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    Re: Twins starting with the same letter...

    I have twins, and although i loved the idea of having the same letters when i was younger (you know how you do!) I don't care for it much now. I decided to go with different letters so they can have that initial letter for their own.

    However, i do agree with others, i think Maxwell and Madison is ok, much better than Jason and Mason for instance, or Addison and Madison! x

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    Re: Twins starting with the same letter...

    For me, I would shy away from anything which makes it seem as though the twins are a pair, and for that reason I would never use names beginning with the same sound, i.e. not Lucy and Lorcan, cute as it would be, but Clementine and Charles would be fine.

    That said, I think it rather quaint to give twins names with the same or related meanings, such as Nathaniel and Dorothea, both of which mean 'gift of God'.

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    Re: Twins starting with the same letter...

    You could go with twins who have the same distinct letter but different initials.
    For example, Xander has a strong Z so it could be paired with Hazel. They don't even visually both have the Z though so they don't look like a pair.
    Or Victor and Neave.
    May and Grayson.
    Alexander and Xina (the X is very noticable but pronounced differently.)

    It means the names fit together but aren't one half of a whole as it were.

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