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    It's hard for me to think of even two boy names that I like... But I'll try. No first letters repeated in the first names, just to be contrary to the Duggars.

    Adelaide Mary
    Beatrix Helen
    Cordelia Jane
    Daphne Ruth
    Evander Henry
    Frederick Arthur
    Gideon Jesse
    Hugo Paul
    Iris Lucille
    Jasper Martin
    Luther Theodore
    Matilda Ivy
    Philippa Rae
    Quentin Jones
    Roscoe Jude
    Saskia Pearl
    Tobias Holden
    Verity Esther
    Wallace Russell
    Zoe Aviva
    Mom to the delightful Be@trix He1en Luci11e (2011)

    Loving Margaret (nn Maisie), Louisa (nn Lulu), and Frederick (nn Fritz) for future children.

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