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    you have just turned 18 and to celebrate you decide to go on vacation somewhere along the way you end up on a road not on your map, you turn left and see a sign that says 1 mile to the nearest town,
    what is the name of town? Narentius Youth

    you pull into town thinking, someone there will help you, you will spend the night and then be on your way, at fist glance the town appears empty, but you get out and investigate the motel, its completely empty, next you go to the diner, no one there either, you go to the church and you find a young man preaching
    what is his name? Lux Jerome

    there are a few people in the pews,
    a set of twin girls, what are their names? Dorothy Isobel & Ses Milisende

    and 5 teenage boys, they're names are... Dallas Finn, Lysander Clove, Strix Fedderick, Heath Tul & Gregory Vaughn

    you find out this town is run by children, all their parents are dead,
    each one has a job, and they run their town quite successfully, when someone has an 18th birthday they are given the option to leave and never talk about it or to be killed because at 18 they become adults and no adults are allowed, they have agreed to let you stay amongst them for three days

    while you are there you help a 16 year old girl give birth twin boys, one of thems name starts with I, the other with M
    Ignatio Grove & Mortimer Trove

    the children grow their own food, they have two cows named: Flossner & Dossy

    the 2nd days is 2 of the boys 18th birthdays and you see one get executed his name was: Heathcliff Hadlock
    the other boy wants you to take him with you when you leave what is his name? Pax Tiberius
    you find an abandoned baby girl, you decide to sneak her out as well, you giver her a R name, and the name of the town she was born in as her middle name. Remedios Narentius Youth

    as you are leaving you see 14 children under the age of 12 playing in the center of town, half are girls half are boys, give them names
    1. Hazel
    2. Meredith
    3. Holland
    4. Pearl
    5. Flove
    6. Myrtle
    7. Calista
    8. Jove
    9. Leonardo
    10. French
    13. Woodrow
    14. Bove

    you were happy to leave, you go home witht he boy and the baby.

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