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    You're 18, fresh out of high school, and your sweetheart proposes. You accept.

    Your name: Kelsey Ann Johnson

    His name: Ryan Christopher Williams

    Both of your new surname: Williams

    You plan a wedding at a swanky hotel in NYC, but when you get there, your mother-in-law starts giving you grief, your uncle gets drunk, and your dress tears a little bit. In tears, you suggest running away to Niagra Falls and eloping. Your fiance agrees, and away you go.

    Your mother in law's name: Paula

    You go to an ivy league college and get a degree.

    What college: Stanford

    What degree: Medicine
    You get a high-powered job at: Hospital

    You want to wait 2 years after graduation before starting a family, but get pregnant 3 months after, quite by accident. You go see your doctor, and it's quads. You're the first in your county!

    After 7 months the babies are born, 3 girls and a boy. They are TINY but stable. They are able to come home after about a month.

    What are their names?

    Baby A: Emerson Grace

    Baby B: Harper May

    Baby C: Lauren Elizabeth

    Baby D: Landon James

    As proud parents of quads you take an extended maternity leave from work, and after nine month you hire a nanny, a maid and a butler and return to work.

    What are their names?

    Nanny: Bethany Hughes

    Maid: Lisa Andrews

    Butler: Richard Smith

    Three years pass.

    One morning at work you start to feel REALLY sick. It continues every morning for about a week when you give up and go to your doctor. She gives you the news: pregnant again. This time, twins.

    The pregnancy goes smoothly and you get to full-term before to delivering a healthy boy and girl. You want them to be named after authors.

    Their names are: Charlotte Nicole & Samuel Grey

    You hire another nanny to help the first and this time it's a "manny."

    His name: Justin Parker

    Your husband says NO MORE and schedules a vasectomy. You're okay with this, seeing as you already have six kids.

    Just 5 months after having your twins you start to feel sickly again, but since your husband had a vasectomy you think something else is wrong, so you go to the doctor and she gives you the news, pregnant once more, but just a singleton.

    Your husband confesses he had chickened out of the procedure.

    You work up until the day you go into labor and after laboring for 29 hours you have a successful VBAC delivery of a son, whose name you want to honor your grandfather, Edmund Dexter Benson.

    His name: Benton Edward

    Your manny and nanny, who had married each other four years ago are tragically killed in a car crash and you and your husband decide to adopt their three kids.

    Their names are: Olivia Rose, Liam Wade & Nolan Charles

    You take the whole family on a trip to help aid UNICEF in Zambia.

    You come across a family of five kids at an orphanage whose father and mother had both been lost to HIV. Your kids bond with these kids and they are soon inseparable. You offer to adopt the kids, the orphanage agree and you bring them home with you:

    Their names are:
    Easton Kade
    Gannon Lee
    Wyatt Matthew
    Lillian Kate "Lilly"
    Aubree Michelle

    You are the proud birth//adopted parents of 15 children, you move a huge house out in the country and take care of your kids while running your business from your home office.

    All your kids names are:
    Emerson Grace
    Harper May
    Lauren Elizabeth
    Landon James
    Charlotte Nicole
    Samuel Grey
    Benton Edward
    Olivia Rose
    Liam Wade
    Nolan Charles
    Easton Kade
    Gannon Lee
    Wyatt Matthew
    Lillian Kate "Lilly"
    Aubree Michelle

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