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    11 Kids CAF (5/31/17)

    All names were the actual names of people in the 1870's and 1860's. I went for the most unusual ones, with some more "normal" ones thrown in for those who like those names better.

    LN: McQueen, Lupino, Clether, Haycroft, Ashbrooke
    DH: Amos, Oswald, Ashby, Augustus, Montague
    DW: Dorothy, Asia, Bathenia, Mary, Capriella
    DS1: Aidan, Constantine, Bassett, Theodore,William
    DD1/DD2 (twins): Capitola, Dogetta, Faerie, Adolphine, Horatia /Gooseberry, Fulleretta, Faithful, Hughetta, Fuchsia
    DD3 /DS2(twins):Jessie, Emma, Marguerite, Jane, Mooretta /Decimus, Jesse, Napoleon, Abraham, Hall
    DS3: Gilbert, Green, Moss, Powell, Eli
    DS4: Watson, Angel, Bell, Granville, Bailey
    DS5: Ashton, Esau, Worthy, Richard, Maximus
    DD4/DD5/DD6 (triplets): Augusta, Theodosia, Urania, Catherine, Vienna / Violet, Lavinia, Ada, Hertha, Phoebe/ Virtue, Andalusia, Repentance, Swan, Ella

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    LN: Ashbrooke
    DH: Amos Augustis
    DW: Mary Capriella
    DS1: Aidan Bassett
    DD1/DD2 (twins): Horatia Faerie "Raya" /Hughetta Faithful "Etta"
    DD3 /DS2(twins): Jane Marguerite /Jesse Abraham
    DS3: Eli Golbert
    DS4: Watson Bailey
    DS5: Maximus Richard "Max"
    DD4/DD5/DD6 (triplets): Theodosia Catherin /Lavinia Phoebe/Ella Virtue

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    LN: Ashbrooke

    DH: Augustus Montague
    DW: Mary Dorothy
    DS1: William Constantine
    DD1/DD2 (twins): Horatia Faerie / Hughetta Faithful
    DD3 /DS2(twins): Emma Jane / Jesse Abraham
    DS3: Gilbert Eli
    DS4: Granville Watson
    DS5: Richard Maximus
    DD4/DD5/DD6 (triplets): Augusta Catherine / Lavinia Phoebe / Ella Swan
    Name Enthusiast

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    DH: Augustus Oswald Haycroft
    DW: Dorothy Capriella Haycroft (née McQueen)

    DS1: Bassett Theodore Haycroft
    DD1/DD2 (twins): Horatia Faerie Haycroft / Hughetta Faithful Haycroft
    DD3 /DS2(twins): Marguerite Jane Haycroft / Abraham Jesse Haycroft
    DS3: Gilbert Powell Haycroft
    DS4: Granville Watson Haycroft
    DS5: Ashton Richard Haycroft
    DD4/DD5/DD6 (triplets): Augusta Vienna Haycroft / Lavinia Phoebe Haycroft / Ella Andalusia Haycroft

    Gus & Dottie: Bas, Fae, Etta, Daisy-Jane, Bram, Gill, Watson, Ash, Aggie, Vinnie & Ellie
    Livia: queer, feminist, student

    Arlo Thomas | Beaumont Evander | Ezra Sebastien | Patrick Fitzwilliam
    Jane Persephone | Lauren Eliza | Rosamund Amelia | Susannah Margot

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    LN: Haycroft

    DH: Amos Augustus
    DW: Dorothy Capriella

    DS1: Bassett Theodore
    DD1/DD2: Horatia Adolphine / Fuschia Faithful
    DD3/DS2: Marguerite Mooretta / Decimus Abraham
    DS3: Gilbert Eli
    DS4: Granville Watson
    DS5: Esau Maximus
    DD4/DD5/DD6: Theodosia Catherine / Lavinia Violet / Virtue Swan

    Amos and Dotty
    Bassett,Tia,Fuschia,Maggie,Decimus,Bertie,Granville,Esau,Thea,Lavinia and Virtue

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