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    NPR Names

    I'm a frequent National Public Radio listener. NPR lets you cook or get other work done without to much distraction, is easier on the nerves in the morning than tv news shows, and I appreciate the more in depth pieces and relative lack of commercials.

    You also hear the most amazing names on there! Some are really vibrant combinations like Ofeiba Quist-Arcton and Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Kai Ryssdal. They give nameberries a run for their money!

    So I made a list of offbeat names from my own list for a baby whose parents hope for a future career on NPR.

    Anybody else got some NPR-worthy names from their lists?

    Constance, Columba, Chrysanthe, Damaris, Geneva, Jubilee, Meridian, Ottavia, Ravenna, Vienna, Ambrose, Arlington, Bastian, Constantine, Fox, Hollis, Keller, Leith, Maxim, Nash, Wander, Temple, Urban, Vidal.

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    Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson is so fun to say. There are fun names in the weekend content too. Ophira, Kyrie, Ira, Jad.

    I think the only one similar I have on my list is Conrad for boys, Callista for girls

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