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    Sister for Clementine

    Right now if Baby #2 seems not to be a Matilda when she arrives, we'd be going back to our list of


    to name her. Problem is, hubby's not completely happy with Beatrix or Eleanor, and I'm not completely happy with Genevieve or Susannah. We like them, even love them, but they don't call to us and say "I am the name for one of your babies". We're both happy with Matilda though, it's just ... what if Matilda seems wrong when it's time to actually name?

    I would love some other suggestions so I don't feel so unprepared. Things with a strong d or t sound at the end (Adelaide, Millicent, etc) sound terrible with our last name, so those are all out.

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    Re: Sister for Clementine

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    Re: Sister for Clementine

    [quote="orangesunrise"]Right now if Baby #2 seems not to be a Matilda when she arrives, we'd be going back to our list of


    Since I love the name Clementine so much, I just listed some of my favorite names below. I also love all the names on your list above.
    Alice - this is probably kind of short to go with Clementine, but I didn't want Alice to feel left out because she is one of my favorites!
    Anastasia nn Tansy
    Aurora nn Rory
    Cecily, Cecilia nn Cessie, Cici, Celia
    Delphina nn Della
    Dorothy nn Dot
    Frances, Francesca, Francine nn Francie
    Gwendolyn nn Gwen - I really love this name.
    Henrietta nn Hattie (I love Hattie more than Hetty)
    Isadora nn Izzy
    Jacqueline nn Jackie
    Josephine nn Josie, Fina, Fifi
    Juniper nn June - love it!
    Louisa nn Lulu
    Lucinda nn Lucy - a favorite of mine
    Ottilie nn Tillie
    Penelope nn Penny, Poppy, Nell. Maybe another nn could be Polly.
    Rosalie nn Rose, Rosie
    Rosamel nn Rose, Rosie
    Rosemary nn Rosie, Romy, Roxie. Rosie is my fave nn of these.
    Veronica nn Vera
    Vivian nn Vivi

    My favorite of the Rose names is Rosemary. Two of my favorite names on the above list are Veronica and Vivian. It is fun to say "v"! Also love Francine nn Francie! And Lucinda nn Lucy.

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    Re: Sister for Clementine

    I LOVED the name Finley for years before I even was close to having children. When I was pregnant with my son, however, I didn't feel that the name was going to fit my firstborn, so I chose a completely different name, Ransom, holding Finley in reserve for another son.

    When my son was born, I took one look at him and knew that he was not Ransom. 2 days later, he was named Finley Ransom.

    All this to say that even if your daughter doesn't seem like a Matilda now, she may when she's born! And if not, her name will come to you; even if it is one of the names that doesn't seem just perfect right now, it could be HER name when she arrives!

    Don't stress yet! Best of luck! :)

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    Re: Sister for Clementine

    Mathilda is a lovely name.

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