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    Re: Sibling names for Jack and Grace?

    Love the names Jack and Grace! They're so classic and timeless. Wonderful.

    Anyway, I like the idea of using one syllable names for all of your kids, if you'd like that, so here are some suggestions for that:
    Belle Clementine
    Tess(a) Danielle
    Claire Alexandra
    Kate Josephine
    Rose Michelle
    Luke Jameson
    James Mitchell
    Chase Alexander
    Finn Jeffrey
    Troy Benjamin

    If you don't want all one syllable names, other classic ideas:
    Charlotte (Eve)
    Madeline (Ruth) - I love the nickname Maddie for this with Jack & Grace
    Eliza (Rae)
    Beatrice (Lillian)
    Alice (Claire)
    Margaret (Annabel)
    Leo (Jacob)
    Daniel (Benjamin)
    Christopher (Lucas)
    Henry (James)
    Robert (Chase)
    Charles (Mason)

    Good luck! :)

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