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    Re: The twins' names are going to be irish..

    i checked Aibhlinn is prn like AVE-LINN.. which is how i had intended.. i thought i had it backwards.. but that's what i wanted.. i think it sounds really pretty. it's a gorgeous name.. i want DH to like it just as much..
    as for "my pick" and "his pick".. if i wanted to veto Caoimhe, i could.. but it means a lot to him and i'm actually starting to love it.. in fact i've already assigned it to one of the twins.. (baby B, for those of you interested)
    i dunno.. DH says i'm being silly.. but i think i can tell their personalities a little bit already.. baby B moves a lot more than baby A.. sometimes i think they're having wrestling matches in there..
    bleh.. anyway..
    i want us both to love both names equally..
    but i am falling in love with Aibhlinn

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