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Thread: Josephine Help

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    Re: Josephine Help

    Quote Originally Posted by susan
    I agree but then my 8-week old twins are called Tobias & Josephine (known as Toby and Posy).

    My Josephine is Josephine Mabel Joy, so Josephine Mabel is my suggestion.

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    Re: Josephine Help

    Another brother for Josephine:
    Archer or Archibald nn Archie
    I second Jill's ideas of
    Peter (my fave boy's name)

    And what about Philip? (possibly my second fave boy's name)
    Harrison nn Harry

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    Re: Josephine Help

    Thanks everyone! I love all your ideas, and I'm so glad that I've gotten some responses. My family doesn't like any of the names I like for future children (they think they're too "old, ugly, and gross"). So, it has been really nice coming on here and reading everyone's suggestions!


    I love your children's names! Josephine Mabel Joy is lovely, and Tobias is perfect with it. I think someone, maybe Susan, mentioned Tobias as a brother for Josephine, and while I do love it, my family are big fans of "Arrested Development," and they would probably just associate the name with the character on the show (not that that's a bad thing, but I wouldn't want to live with everyone constantly asking me why I named a baby after Tobias Funke!).

    irisrose and shaymin:

    I love the suggestions of Josephine Sylvie and Josephine Bryony. Bryony and Sylvie are such lovely names. I also really like the name Sylvia, and love the works of Sylvia Plath (even though she was troubled, I think her poetry is magnificent).

    Susan and Jill:

    I really love the names Nathaniel, Archer, Peter, Elias, Henry, and Milo (especially with Josephine). I like the name Philip a lot also, but there is a boy with that name at our church that we see often, so I couldn't do that. I also love the name Oliver (it is one of my favorite names of all time), but I don't think I could ever use it because of Oliver Cromwell. I think my family would never speak to me again!

    Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions. If anyone has anymore, I would love to read them!

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    Re: Josephine Help

    I'm glad you liked some of the boys' names, and I hope you feel better about using Josephine now! :-)

    Good luck!

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