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Thread: Josephine Help

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    Josephine Help

    Hi, I've been visiting Nameberry for awhile now, and love it. I have really enjoyed reading all the posts from everyone else.

    I'm not pregnant at the moment, but would love to start having a family soon, and I have a question. I'm pretty much set on boy's names, but girl's names are harder because there are just too many choices! I would really love to use the name Josephine, to honor my grandfather (whom I loved and was very close too - so far no one in our family has used his name). I love the names Alice Josephine and Violet Josephine, but started thinking recently that I would really like to use Josephine as a first name. I can't seem to come up with a middle name that sounds right with Josephine, and thought I would post here for some ideas, since everyone has such great taste!

    I guess the only guidelines are that I don't like creative spellings, and I don't really like unisex names for girls. I don't mind names that are popular as long as they have a solid history behind them.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Re: Josephine Help

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    Re: Josephine Help

    I love Josephine! :-)

    Josephine Belle
    Josephine Daisy
    Josephine Ivy
    Josephine Pearl
    Josephine Scarlett
    Josephine Violet

    I really love the suggestion of Josephine Blythe

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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