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    Re: Rethinking all my choices..I need a fresh perspective.

    Charlie-I like it as a nickname for Charlotte
    Giada- This is kind of nice
    Lila- I like Lila, and I don't think it's too popular yet
    Dylan- It's a boy's name.
    Veronica- I like V names, but not this one, personally
    Krista- It is pretty dated
    Giuliana- I love this!
    Shayla- nms; sounds made up
    Chloe- It's pretty, but yeah, too popular

    My favorites on your list are Lila and Giuliana.

    Other suggestions:

    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: Rethinking all my choices..I need a fresh perspective.

    my daughter's name is jillian. i love the name margo!

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    Re: Rethinking all my choices..I need a fresh perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by disa_lan
    You have a lot of names on your list that I love. From your list I would also choose Veronica. It's a name I love but doesn't get the DH approval. I also love, Charlie, Giada (might have pronunciation issues), Lila, and Chloe ( I also love Zoe).
    I love Chloe and Zoe. Charlie is a cute nn for Charlotte and Carlotta.

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    Re: Rethinking all my choices..I need a fresh perspective.

    Your styles are really all over the place. I dislike Charlie as a full name because it sounds very masculine. She will be mistaken for a boy quite a bit, Charlie is fine as a nickname for something more feminine like Charlotte, Charlize or Charlene.

    Chloe is ok, just not something that jumps out at me anymore. Its very dull, cutsy and common. Clio or Cleo comes to mind as a fresher alternative.

    Lila is very pretty, sweet, sultry and lacy. It does seem to becoming slightly more common, but I wouldn't consider it too popular just yet.

    Giada-I adore Giada, she is my favorite on your list. Not common, not weird, with a beautiful meaning to boot.

    Dylan-I'd definitely ditch this, its way too masculine. You might like the Welsh Dilys instead.

    Veronica-Veronica is very pretty.

    Krista- I find it really dated and blah, you might like Christiana better.

    Giuliana- this is a nice Italian classic.

    Shayla-I am partial to this name. Its very soft and pretty.

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    Re: Rethinking all my choices..I need a fresh perspective.

    Some of these names are really pretty, my opinions are-

    Charlie- Just seems like a completely male name to me.
    Giada- Really pretty.
    Lila- This is my favorite one on this list, it's so pretty. It is rather popular, but I don't think it really has a trendy sound.
    Dylan- I just can't bring myself to like these masculine sounding names for girls.
    Veronica- I prefer Valerie, but this is more quirky and less popular.
    Krista- I think it's prettier then Cristal.
    Giuliana- Is even better then Giada.
    Shayla- You could go with just Shea, Shay, Shaelyn, or even Sharon.
    Chloe- To popular for my tastes, but it does sound very feminine and strong at the same time.

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