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    Rethinking all my choices..I need a fresh perspective.

    I am having a very diffucult time deciding on a girl's name. I have so many names I like, just nothing I am certain of. I have found that talking to family and friends is more stressful than helpful, as many have strong opinions. So, I am turning to you, namelovers. Any opinions, suggestions, or alternatives would be so appreciated!

    Charlie-I have always loved this as a nickname for a girl but not so sure anymore.
    Giada- I come from italian background, and I love the way this name sounds, but I have a very strong sounding last name and don't want anything too overpowering.
    Lila- too popular?
    Dylan- again always loved it for a girl, just not certain of it for my girl.
    Veronica- I like a few V names Valerie, Veronica, Valentina
    Krista- I think it's a pretty name, but it is soo dated.
    Giuliana- pretty, but no sentimental attachment.
    Shayla- love it, but a cousin just used it for her daughter.
    Chloe- grewing up loving this name, but again way too popular.

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