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    Re: finally paired up our twin names..

    Quote Originally Posted by calisse
    here's what we came up with.. some of the old ones and some new ones too.. what do you think::

    Rowena Skye & Viola Belle
    Cassandra Grace & Viola Belle
    Keeley Ryann & Caoimhe Cailin (i'm not sure about Caoimhe, but dh loves irish names)
    Odessa Marie & Rowena Skye
    Jessa Raye & Selena Lee
    Katia Leigh & Tesla Faith (nn:: Katie & Tess)
    Abigail Faith & Jocelyn Grace
    Charissa Denae & Lydia Dulce

    thoughts? opinions? suggestions?
    Tesla doesn't seem to fit in with your other choices. Is it an invented name? To me, it sounds a bit like a "name of the future". Isn't there a video game with this name (or something similar)?

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    Re: finally paired up our twin names..

    Tesla is a rock band but also is the last name of Nikola Tesla (a male) who is considered one of the most important contributors to commercial electricity.
    Also it is an "international unit of magnetic flux density". I knew tesla had to do with electricity but had to look up the facts ;) The band is from my hometown and if it wasn't for that fact I think that Tesla nn Tess is actually pretty cool.

    Rowena Skye and Viola Belle are my favorite of your pairs.
    I like a lot of your names but would mix the pairs up a bit.
    Lydia and Abigail
    Keeley and Tesla
    Charissa and Cassandra - sort of matchy though.
    Odessa and Viola
    Lydia and Jocelyn - is this pronounced joyce-lyn or joz-lyn?
    Rowena and Cassandra
    Viola and Katia

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    Re: finally paired up our twin names..

    re: an Irish name to go with Caoimhe

    If you want to keep the similar sound, perhaps Ciara (Keer-a), or the more authentic version of Keelin, Caoilinn. For a kind of rhyming pair, Niamh (NEE_iv), Aoife (EE-fa), or Siomha (SHE-va) ( a little too cute, but whatever works for your style). To go completely distinctive, perhaps Eimear (EE-mair), Siobhan, Damhnait (DAV-net) which is starting to be used here in Atlantic Canada thanks to singer Damhnait Doyle, or Dearbhaile (DER-vla).

    That said, Keeva is seen as an "accepted" anglicization, so it could work with Keely.

    Pam & Linda's book "Cool Irish Names for Babies" is fairly comprehensive and accurate, so I recommend.

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    Re: finally paired up our twin names..

    I didn't realize the meaning for Caoimhe for dh and you. Would you consider Rowena and Caoimhe? If Rowena is in honor of your mother and Caoimhe is in honor of his heritage, maybe they would be a good combo?
    For a different Irish pair with Caoimhe, I like:
    Caoimhe with Eimear
    Caoimhe and Damhnait
    Caoimhe and Siobhan because their sounds are distinct from each other. I like Aoife and Niamh (this is my favorite) but I feel like they sound too similar to Caoimhe.

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    Re: finally paired up our twin names..

    some more Irish suggestions:

    To "match" Caoimhe: Clodagh, Cliodhna (or Cliona, pron. "CLEE-a-na", not rhyming with Fiona), or Eabha - newly popular in the RoI, this is a modern translation of Ava (FWIW, "Eva" is spelled Aoibhe. But you probably don't want to go that far with matchiness!)

    Another thought is the welsh Cerys (or Carys) - similar style and sound, but distinct in its own right. It means "love" or "beloved", which I think really complements Caoimhe's meaning of "beauty"

    To contrast with Caoimhe: Bronagh (well-used in NI, less common in RoI), Orlagh (or Orla), Grainne.

    To be honest, I hadn't realized that you were initially considering pairing Cailinn as a middle name for Caoimhe - I do think the alliteration is a bit awkward, and you might do better to use Cailinn as a first name for daughter #2, and play around with middle names from there. Are you intedning this as the Americanized "Kaylynn", or as a variation of the Irish "Caillean" (Colleen), or Caoilinn (Keelin)?
    BTW, just noticed: pp and I seem to share the same good taste in Irish names!

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